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June 22, 2012


Venture into the warring minds of The Professor and Wargoth tonight! Tomix has created new spooky backgrounds representing their clashing dreams as well as two new monsters!

You'll also be able to fight together with the Apprentice, courtesy of Ghost!

DragonLord Keep
The new house is now available in Dragonsgrasp for 1000 DC! If you have a dragon, you'll be able to converse with it, feed it, train it and travel! There are also new gold house items available!

Reni's Bluestar Weaponry also has the new DragonLord Helm (color custom!) for DC and the DragonCrest Scythe for gold! Click on the blue gem of the DragonCrest scythe to see it transform!

DragonLord Armor
Base DragonLord Armor skill have been updated! Let us know on the forums what you think of the skills and, if everything works and you guys like them, Rolith will update the other versions of the DragonLord Armor next week.

Updated GUI
An updated version of the GUI is also live! 

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June 21, 2012

Twisted Dreamscape

Fight your way through a twisted dreamscape tomorrow in the latest Chapter 2 quest! Just whose mind are you invading? Or defending?!

Will you be able to find your way... or will the discordant dreamscapes become your nightmare?

DragonLord Keep
The new house will go live tomorrow, complete with Dragon cave! The house will have five indoor rooms you can decorate, as well as an area that DragonLords will be able to interact and choose where to travel with their dragons in! You'll be able to get this house for 1000 DC in the House Shop in Dragongrasp.


Dracelix has also crafted the DragonCrest Scythe and Ghost has made a new version of the DragonLord helm! These will appear in Reni's Bluestar Weapon Shop in Dragonsgrasp as well.

Braughlmurk Cape
The ruined Cape Town will be added to the Falconreach travel map on Friday! 

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September 10, 2010

Chasing Circe

The new Dragonsgrasp is live! Rolith has done some crazy things today for this release too!

As Circe taunts Vilmor from the shadows, Vilmor becomes enraged and ice bolts go flying! Take up the chase with Vilmor and try to catch up to Circe! You're going to have to fight off Circe's summoned Frost Shocks by yourself though because Vilmor is focused on one thing and one thing only... taking down Circe!

I think Circe might be in trouble...

You might notice something strange during the battles too.... This quest is called The Chase for a reason! Rolith has once again tried to bend The Engine to his will by making you fight as you run. You might notice The Engine fighting back a little (i.e. there are a few graphical glitches still) but overall the effect is really cool.

Alina's Answer

Make sure to check out Alina's new quest as well! Those crazy togs have potion-master-napped her!

(omgoodness, more info below in Alina's DN's!)

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September 10, 2010

Circe's not so subtle! She's got PLANS! (And so do we!)

It's Friday again!  (How is it Friday again so QUICKLY?!  I am all behind from having Monday off.  Anyone else have that feeling, or is it just me?)

But not to fear! I may be behind, but our release certainly isn't! We've been working hard these last four days to bring you the answer to an important question and more than a little bit of suspensefulness in the DragonsGrasp quest. So lets get right to the details!

In the Dragonsgrasp quest this week, we'll pit the dastardly Circe against the infamous Vilmor as you and Vilmor race to catch up with Circe as she tries to lure you to an unknown destination. (With a cast of characters where EVERYone is hiding something, things are definitely not what they seem, and it's up to YOU to figure it out!)  Geopetal has some devious plans in store for the ending of this quest, so you'll DEFINITELY want to make sure you're caught up with Vilmor's storyline so that you can play this week! 

And in "Alina's Answer," Rolith waits (im)patiently for her to respond to the question he posed last week.  But before she can DO that, they're interrupted by- you guessed it!- TOGS!  What you might NOT know is that Rolith and his tog companions really do care for each other (they think the Togicides are FUN. Togs are weird.) and when they heard Rolith was proposing to Alina, they got VERY jealous! 

Now, togs are not that smart (obviously), and so when they pooled their collective ideas, all they could come up with was to keep Rolith from Alina the only way they knew how!  Captain Rolith needs YOUR help, hero, in order to rescue Alina! And just because he's so invested in this quest, he's coming along with you to help! (Yes, that means Rolith is now a guest that scales to your level and damage! He is a super-strong Knight Captain!)  Are you a champion of love or a fan of frustrating Rolith?  For our sakes, HELP ROLITH!

I'm still recovering from catching some Con-Rot (tm) sickness, but I promise that next week things will be back to normal.  Or as normal as they get here in DragonFable!

PS: In Alina's Answer, you'll hear barking togs.  You might remember them from the Popsprocket chain.  But if you've forgotten, let me remind you of one of my favoritest things Ghost has ever done with sound: he recorded his mother in law to get the bark!  XD!

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September 07, 2010

Con, Quests, and an Answer

We're back from Con! (Or never left, in Geo's, Ghost's, and Tomix's case). 

If you don't follow Artix or Cysero on Twitter, you missed one of the funnest and funniest parts of the rides to and from Dragon*Con!  They twittered the phone numbers of the public pay phones at the rest stops we took breaks at, and players from all over the country called and talked to us!  I hope we do that again next year, because it was awesome to get to talk to you guys!

Dragon*Con was AMAZING! (And not just because Rolith proposed, though that alone made the trip the most memorable I've ever taken!)  We saw SO many great costumes, had a lot of laughs, and even watched Cysero, Alces, and Electro's robot battle in the Robot Wars contest!

The last night was probably one of the craziest times. Rolith and I wandered around with Artix, Cysero, and Alces.  We snuck into a REALLY weird film festival (we tried all sorts of devious ways to open the door before we figured out we could just turn the handle and go in), then left that and went to watch anime music videos.  That was nice, except I am really far behind on my anime, so there were a lot of spoilers there. Then Cysero, Alces, Rolith and I left to go find crazyfungoodtimes. 

Also, hotel carpeting is REALLY bizarre.  Who thought THIS pattern was a good idea?

We wound up in the Gaming Room (full of like-minded gaming nerds playing anything from Werewolf to Magic to Settlers of Catan and beyond).  This was at around 2am.  Were we tired? NO! So what did we do?  Cysero and Alces signed up to battle Mecha in these huge pod-like contraptions that would immerse them in the battles.  Rolith and I waited with them for a little while, then wandered off to play Werewolf.

The silly villagers thought ROLITH was a werewolf (doesn't EVERYONE know the Pactoganol Knights have a "No Monsters" policy?  Gee, guess not!), so they lynched him. Too bad they were wrong! (That's what Rolith gets for not telling the truth in a more convincing manner. Never hestitate and don't be afraid to look an unwashed con-crowd right in the eyes!)  After that, we wandered back to Cysero and Alces and played card games with them for an hour or two.  The people next to us gave us Gift-pizza!  Free pizza is never unwelcome at Con at 4 in the morning. We lost Cysero and Alces as they finished up battling and headed to a rave. And a drum circle. And probably to get into more trouble that they didn't want to tell us about so that we weren't made accomplices.

Look for more stories of Con on the AQWorlds Design Notes page to come later in the week!

Now on to what to expect this week!

We will definitely have a DragonsGrasp quest for you!  After hearing the story of Vilmor and Donovan's exploits as children, your hero must have a pretty good idea about Vilmor's character.  Maybe!  Or maybe we still have a TON of surprises left for you in this awesome DragonLord-only chain.  I was talking to geopetal today and she told me about a scene she's envisioning for the end of the final quest.  I can't WAIT until you guys see it! 

We'll also (hopefully) have Alina's in-game answer to the question Captain Rolith asked last week.  For those of you who read the Design Notes, you've already gotten your answer.  But for the DF players who only play the games, they've been left hanging.  I'll give you just ONE hint for what the quest will involve: "BARK!"

I hope you guys had a GREAT weekend.  I know we sure did!  I am exhausted.  I still need to go and pick up Kata and Rolith's kitties from the boarder.  Then go home and unpack.  And then sleep for a week.


Geo just pointed out that if I sleep until Friday, I won't get my quest done.  Sadface!  This is why I never take geo for granite, though.  She's a rock-solid boss!  AND tomorrow is her birthday, so happy birthday, pbl!


See you guys later on in the week!

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September 05, 2010

New Dragonsgrasp Quest!

Yay, it's live, with only minor explosions! (Thank you, Verlyrus and AKs for helping with the bug smooshing!) I apologize that the quest is so late and hope you enjoy it!

We left your poor character in a tense fireside chat with the infamous Vilmor... this week that conversation continues as Vilmor reveals who Donovan is and what childhood was like for them. Fight your way through legions of imaginary monsters as Kid Vilmor and Kid Donovan as they just start to test their powers out!

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September 03, 2010

Dragonsgrasp Update

First of all: Squeeeee! Yay for Rolith and Alina!

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update for the Dragonsgrasp release this week which, unfortunately, won't be live until... soonTM tomorrow. Since we've an official quest Wednesday and a super secret fun (grats Rolith and Alina!) cutscene yesterday, the Dragonsgrasp quest is running a little behind (poor Ghost has worked his ghostly fingers to the bone!). Be on the lookout for it tomorrow though!

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August 30, 2010

DragonsGrasp is Back!

Happy Monday!

Schools are starting up again, which means it's time to wrap up our Summer storylines.  The Rise of the DragonMage Saga, starring Nythera, ended last week, and soon the DragonsGrasp storyline will end, too.  But not THIS week!  Oh, no.  This week we have something we think is REALLY fun for you.

"Fun, you say? I like fun!" Well, so do we! Using your imagination is fun, right? We think so! Like Willy Wonka, we try to imagine 3 new things every day. 

Stretching your mind and giving your brain a workout when you were younger involved taking your imagination to places it'd never been before.  And THAT's what we're going to do this week in DragonsGrasp!  More details as the week progresses; I don't want to give away too much today!

Also releasing this week will be the next Clashening quest!  Lim needs your help with an experiment (doesn't he always?  It's a good thing you are a VERY helpful hero!).  It involves a cat and a box, but it's NOT what you think.

                                                 Meet Mr. Poofles!

We are very pet-friendly here in DragonFable,* our heroes take their responsibilities to their beloved companions seriously.  That's why we're giving this old favorite of a thought exercise a definite DragonFable twist to keep it in line with our humor!

Good luck going back to school!  Khelios and Beleen are going back to school, too.  In fact, she just zoomed out of here in order to get to class on time. (I LOVED schedules in college. Class 3 times a week, and you could sleep in til 10am! Not to mention all the FREE food. Bonus!)  What are you guys looking forward to about going back to school?  Or are you dreading a new year of pop quizzes, crowded hallways, and cafeteria food?  Let us know on the forums or Twitter!

* Your backpack inventories are VERY spacious.  Your pets are not at all crowded due to the compartmentalized nature of the backpack.  A space for weapons, a drawer for trinkets, and a large fenced-in grassy area in the side pocket for your pets to frolic in. Gotta love Hammerspace! /nod


PS: Look for the Decadere Youngling pet to go live this week in Cysero's Superstore of Savings!  You guys asked for it, and we're going to give it to you!

PPS: Sometime today we're going to be rebalancing the Defender's Belt series.  Khelios worked up new stat numbers for it, so look for those later on!

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August 06, 2010

Free-falling into Void magic!

See, that's how we combine two release topics into one headline. /flex
It's going to be a wild weekend, full of activities that will get your heart-pumping and your head thinking! 

In the DragonsGrasp quest and minigame, you'll talk to Circe until - Whoops! - somehow an avalanche gets triggered!  Those wacky natural disasters, always springing up without warning!  You'd better run! ... On second thought, running downhill with a mountain of snow crashing down behind you doesn't sound so smart.

You'd better hop onto that handy table and sled-ski (NEW SPORT!) your way down!  Try not to hit the trees or ice-blocks (do NOT hit the ice-block head on. It hurts! /ouchface). Make sure to stick around for the fireside chat afterwards. IF you manage to outrun the wall of snow, that is!

And if you like shiny purple ZOMGoodness, be sure to stop by and say hi to Nythera, because this week she's going to learn her Void magic!  Training montage! Dun na nah nah, dun na NAH NAH NAH! (I will have that rockin' theme song in my head ALL night now!) Help Nythera find her dainty yet fiercely independent ancestor, Azhura, a dragon who preferred to wield her magic in human form when she wasn't involved in universe-shaking adventures!

Nythera needs to learn what she can from her if she's going to be able to USE her Void magic next week!  Karon, the guardian of the river Nyx (which flows through Death's Realm), has graciously offered some of his tools for you to use as water-themed rewards!

A new (and awesome!) offer for you from AExtras!
Remember AExtras?  It's a GREAT way for people who don't want to- or can't/aren't allowed to- use online forms of payment  to earn DragonCoins!  Offers are based on where you live, so you'll want to see if there are any available for your area!

And we just got word of a brand new promotion!  This one features... DUN DUN DUN! An iPad from Apple!

This is not an iPad. The Gnomes of Popsprocket are not affiliated with Apple, Inc.


Starting today and running through September 6th, 2010, if you head to AExtras in ANY of Artix Entertainment's games and complete a Superrewards offer (one of the companies which sponsors AExtras), every time you fill out and complete an offer, you'll get ONE chance to win ONE iPad.  There is ONLY ONE iPad available, and it's guaranteed to go to a player of our games!  September 6th is the day the contest ends.  The winner will be announced on September 7th!

Remember, we advise you create a SEPARATE email address to give to companies when you do AExtras.  We feel very strongly about protecting you, our players, and we don't want you to have your inboxes flooded any more than you do!  So create a separate email, but remember: if you win, you're likely to be notifed through that email address, so make sure you remember what it is!

You can read all about this offer here!

Have a great weekend! I'm moving tomorrow, so I've got to go get buried in boxes and covered in cleaning solution as I swab floors, scrub sinks, and dust drapes!  See you Monday (or on the forums, Facebook, and Twitter!!)

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July 30, 2010

This won't ruin your weekend, we promise!

But it WILL make you think!
This week we are giving your brains a workout! (Don't worry, we're pretty sure that Artix has slain all the zombies around, so your buffed-up brains should be PERFECTLY safe! /grin)

Yesterday Rolith released his Codemonkey Challenge for July and everyone on the forums was amazing as they pulled together and worked for over SEVEN hours to crack Rolith's code.  In the end, it was all thanks to one player (Rini) and her mother, who solved the riddle lightning quick once the last pieces of the puzzle fell into place.  Awesome job, guys! I love playing cheerleader in those threads!



But the puzzle-work isn't over just yet! The Ruins of the Bask Tower are waiting... for YOU. (Just be glad the Tower itself isn't sentient.  Hollywood has shown time and time again that NO GOOD comes from buildings that are alive.*) And scattered throughout it are the pieces of a vital message you will need to put together.  But this Tower is a tricky one!  The Ruins are dangerous, and the paths through it aren't much better.  You'll find traps and if you're unlucky, you'll find your way back blocked by falling rubble.  So watch out!  You remember what happened the LAST time you got hit on the head with a rock, right? RIGHT?!

If you start having trouble, why not head to the forums and see if anyone else has found clues to help you?   

New Nythera Wallpaper News!
Tomix and Randor the Red have worked together to produce two versions of the official Void Nythera wallpaper just for you! 

Both Nythera and I are using this one as our desktop backgrounds! SO pretty!

I talked to Ai No Miko and she says they are now up at our DF wallpaper site, so be sure to check back for them! 

Random Question of the Weekend
We are totally NOT going to use this in any future quest, no sir: What is your favorite Shakespeare play?  Tragedy, comedy, history play... you name it, if William Shakespeare wrote it, it's up for grabs as an answer!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I've got to go pack boxes and boxes and boxes or I'd stay and chat some more.  Moving is hard work! Second floor apartment ftl. /faint

* Inconspicuous window suddenly EATS YOUR FACE!

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