Friday, August 6, 2010

Free-falling into Void magic!

See, that's how we combine two release topics into one headline. /flex
It's going to be a wild weekend, full of activities that will get your heart-pumping and your head thinking! 

In the DragonsGrasp quest and minigame, you'll talk to Circe until - Whoops! - somehow an avalanche gets triggered!  Those wacky natural disasters, always springing up without warning!  You'd better run! ... On second thought, running downhill with a mountain of snow crashing down behind you doesn't sound so smart.

You'd better hop onto that handy table and sled-ski (NEW SPORT!) your way down!  Try not to hit the trees or ice-blocks (do NOT hit the ice-block head on. It hurts! /ouchface). Make sure to stick around for the fireside chat afterwards. IF you manage to outrun the wall of snow, that is!

And if you like shiny purple ZOMGoodness, be sure to stop by and say hi to Nythera, because this week she's going to learn her Void magic!  Training montage! Dun na nah nah, dun na NAH NAH NAH! (I will have that rockin' theme song in my head ALL night now!) Help Nythera find her dainty yet fiercely independent ancestor, Azhura, a dragon who preferred to wield her magic in human form when she wasn't involved in universe-shaking adventures!

Nythera needs to learn what she can from her if she's going to be able to USE her Void magic next week!  Karon, the guardian of the river Nyx (which flows through Death's Realm), has graciously offered some of his tools for you to use as water-themed rewards!

A new (and awesome!) offer for you from AExtras!
Remember AExtras?  It's a GREAT way for people who don't want to- or can't/aren't allowed to- use online forms of payment  to earn DragonCoins!  Offers are based on where you live, so you'll want to see if there are any available for your area!

And we just got word of a brand new promotion!  This one features... DUN DUN DUN! An iPad from Apple!

This is not an iPad. The Gnomes of Popsprocket are not affiliated with Apple, Inc.


Starting today and running through September 6th, 2010, if you head to AExtras in ANY of Artix Entertainment's games and complete a Superrewards offer (one of the companies which sponsors AExtras), every time you fill out and complete an offer, you'll get ONE chance to win ONE iPad.  There is ONLY ONE iPad available, and it's guaranteed to go to a player of our games!  September 6th is the day the contest ends.  The winner will be announced on September 7th!

Remember, we advise you create a SEPARATE email address to give to companies when you do AExtras.  We feel very strongly about protecting you, our players, and we don't want you to have your inboxes flooded any more than you do!  So create a separate email, but remember: if you win, you're likely to be notifed through that email address, so make sure you remember what it is!

You can read all about this offer here!

Have a great weekend! I'm moving tomorrow, so I've got to go get buried in boxes and covered in cleaning solution as I swab floors, scrub sinks, and dust drapes!  See you Monday (or on the forums, Facebook, and Twitter!!)