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Monday, April 30, 2012

Vote on DF's new GUI!

G'day! So the weekend is over and the initial shock of the new GUI should be starting to lose momentum. We've been reading your posts on the forum about it and because there were such mixed feelings about the info bar and the quest complete sound effect, we are giving you guys the opportunity to vote. We love you guys and take your opinions very seriously, and we want to ensure you are getting the most out of DF so please take the time to voice your opinion. 

Cast your votes here:


Friday, April 27, 2012

Hide and Seek

The Professor was the one who saved the Ateala from Wargoth's tyranny on Somoarrah, but he may have lead Wargoth directly to Lore! If the deadly and powerful fire infernal wants The Professor dead... will you be able to find him first?

Rising Fire
The war has been moved to Atrea! Just talk with the sentry as you enter the town. This will be the last weekend that the Imp pets will be available! Get them before Monday!

Relics of the DragonKnight
This awesome DC set has been buffed! You'll get a 40% boost against dragons from the weapons alone and, when you equip the helm and cape for the complete set, you'll get a 75% boost against dragons!

The Merchant Cyan is resting by the river in downtown Falconreach if you'd like to buy the set from him. He's also dropped it off at Cysero's Superstore of Savings!

New Login and Interface
Check out the refreshed login screen and GUI that Ghost has made!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Hunt Begins...

Wargoth has come through the portal to Lore and our only hope is to find The Professor. This week the hunt begins for the mysterious man who helped to save the Ateala... and may have doomed Lore!

Relics of the DragonKnight
Ghost has created a amazing new DC set that will be available this Friday! These metal weapons will boost your damage against dragons by 10% and, if you have the whole set equipped, it will boost your damage against dragons by 30%! And you can even open the helm by clicking on it!

The Merchant Cyan has brought these relics from an exotic land and will drop the items off at Cysero's Superstore on Friday, but you'll be able to catch him in downtown Falconreach as well, if you want to buy the items directly from him!


Tomix, stop looking at me like that.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Gateway To Lore


This week along with the rest of the release, we will probably* be launching a new login screen for Dragonfable! We want new players to get a good taste of what they're in for as they dive into the game, and so we've spiffed it up. In addition to the Seppy bg you see when you login now, there will also be 4 new themed screens that may show up instead when you login. The character select screen also has a new look, and the character creation area will be updated as well. We've also tweaked the aesthetics of the GUI** and you'll notice some slight changes through the in-game menus. And to top it all off, we also gave DF a special theme song that will play as you login. But don't worry, you'll be able to mute it if you want. :P

Pswd pl0x

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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Boss Awaits!

Wargoth, a powerful fire infernal, is the greatest enemy the Ateala have ever known. They used to be able to riftwalk across dimensions until their power drew Wargoth's attention. His attack devastated the planet Somorah where he ruled over them in tyranny until his only son revolted against him. The Ateala no longer had the ability to riftwalk but were able to stay in peace on the dark world, Somorah... until Wargoth returned. With the help of the mysterious Professor, they were able to expand a single, found portal and transport themselves and the great city of Atrea through it, but Wargoth's fiery legions followed them to Lore!

Wargoth himself is a master of fire with the ability to to control it and bend it to his will. Now he follows his legions to Lore, a place where the elemental planes have been thrown out of balance. Where the plane of fire itself has been weakened... will it be able to defend itself against this malevolent new power coming to take over Lore?

Log in now to help finish the war and then defeat the Rising Fire Boss!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Systerity Set!

The war is at 62%! The challenge is set for midnight this Friday, will you guys be able to beat the challenge in time?!

Xan is gonna hate these hats!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th: Rising Fire

Since Akriloth's defeat and the destruction of the Elemental Orbs, the elemental realms have been out of balance. Fire is weak and Wargoth, a master of flame, is looking to take over. As the flames begin to rise again, will Wargoth be able to enter the world to rule over the ashes?

New monsters appear in the waves, the catapault is up and, in the DA only quest, you can fight as Xan!

Log in and BattleOn! The War Challenge from last Friday the 13th war is put forth! There are three Fire Imp Hats that will become available if you can defeat 5 million waves by Friday, April 20th, at midnight!


Loves making places to explore

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another round of facelifts!

Heya!  It's been too long since I've posted so I wanted to show you guys a bit of what we've got coming up!  Chapter 1's closing, and subsequently Chapter 2's beginning, has seen a lot of changes to Dragonfable. The game even looks a little different. Much of the walking areas between towns are now accessible, leaving lots of interesting things to explore, there are plenty of new places and quests to explore, and Falconreach & Oaklore have been completely re-vamped to name a few. Most of the towns even have music. But we're not done yet... Here's a sneak peak at some updates you can expect to see in the coming future! 

Serenity's Inn is getting an upgrade! 

Serenity's Inn, Falconreach

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

War and Spoilers!

War is Coming!
This friday is Friday the 13th... and those portals to the Atealean homeworld have been suspiciously quiet....  

Get ready to decimate leagues of fire monsters as Wargoth launches another assault on Lore. There are Fire Imp Hats waiting for you guys if you can make it to the boss in time!

Grenwog Spoilers!
If you're still having trouble hunting down eggs and wish for spoilers.... here's the list of Grenwog Pip locations! Highlight for the locations!

1. Oaklore > Sir Junn > The Sweetest Thing 
2. Dragesvard > Galenoth > Bear Facts 
3. Amityvale > Thursday > Yaga Stone Circle 
4. Hunter's Paradise > Karina > Troglomite 
5. Ash > Quests > Enchanted Grove (The Grove) 
6. Oaklore > Sir Ano > Major Mayhem 
7. Moonridge > Dragonfang Inn > Viamat > Quests > Moonridge Patrol 
8. Shadow of the Wind Village > Inn > Quests > Bad Bananas 
9. Popsprocket > Zapp > Gnomenapped?! (In quest: Right -> Right -> Up) 
10. The Locker > The Tower 
11. Ash > The Coral Reef 
12. Necropolis > Too Many Cooks 
13. Popsproket > Yix > Sitcom 
14. Lim > Lost Order 
15. Willowshire > Guardian Fortuna > The Temple (of Gloom) 
16. Sandsea > Zhoom > The Hard Way 
17. Necropolis > Artix vs. the Undead 
18. Nythera > Stocking the Shelves 
19. Shadow of the Wind > Walk through Fire 
20. Dragesvard > Long in the Tooth 
21. Warlic > Other Quests > Save Lymcrest! > Fetching Fire 
22. Oaklore > Vurrmen Ruins 
23. Hunters Paradise > Karina > Barrat


Friday, April 6, 2012


Eric Greydawn has worked hard this week to bring you a very evil Grenwog release! Marshmellow Pips are hidden all throughout the land of Lore, if you can find all the hidden Pips then you'll unlock a monstrous titan fight! Each of the quests that the Pips can be found in will also have a rare Grenwog Egg drop that can be used as a merge item for new Grenwog helms!

If yu're having trouble finding the Pip make sure to visit the official thread in the DragonFable Forums for help! (Hint for the 1st egg: You don't have to finish the quest, you can leave right after fighting the Pip!)

Armor Paint Closet
Rolith has completed work on the new Armor Paint Closet! Dracelix has also upgraded the Closet with a gorgeous new background!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bad Hare Day

From the Kensai’s Cave:

Coming this Friday: It’s a bad Hare day!  The Grenwog hare has been all over lore, seeking out the best hiding places for his eggs.  This year he’s decided that what would be fun is an egg hunt!  It’s a non traditional egg hunt this year as you must collect the eggs for a merge shop, allowing you to select the weapon or helm of your choice!  One problem; the Grenwog Hare can’t remember where he hid everything.  You will need to search all over lore for the places where he has hidden the eggs in order to complete this event! You will want to work together on the forums to find all the hiding places! Good Luck!

True Mortal has crafted a weapon set for you, including Staff, Sword, and Katar as well as a helm, Dracelix has created the Armored Bunny Helm, and Ghost is hard at work on the cutscenes and fight animations for this event!


Monday, April 2, 2012


As you may have noticed, Falconreach has been taken over by EbilCorp. Cysero and Artix are in intense negotiations with The Chairman right now to regain control of Falconreach. The should have an agreement by Tuesday afternoon, hopefully, and then Falconreach will return to normal!

AQW Artist's Livestreaming!
For the next few weeks, every Wednesday at 4pm EST, an AQW artist will be livestreaming as they draw a player suggested item! Suggestions will be taken over twitter and each weapon will go into an in-game shop so players can purchase the item they've seen created!

The schedule is as follows:

Week 1, April 4th - J6
Week 2, April 11th - Mido
Week 3, April 18th - Thyton
Week 4 April 25th - Cereboz
Week 5 May 2nd - Dage