Friday, May 29, 2015

Escape from Espina Rosa

Having found the ally you came looking for in the depths of the Third Floor of Espina Rosa, all you need to do now is make a run for it and get out. That should be simple enough, right?

Although you are sort of stuck in a dark maze that has been playing tricks on your sense of direction, whether or not you have any, more than a Minx Fairy after eighteen full heals. You did find that Elryn fellow though. He should have a map, right? Better than the last one you had, right?

And wasn’t there something about Navon, Dracelix and co. heading for Espina Rosa head on? The Prison that is not supposed to be stormed?

Oh boy. That could be a problem. But you have dealt with disasters before, haven’t you? Surely you can handle that? Yes, I am sure you will manage just fine.


You may notice while playing this quest that your choice of armour… may very well make one scene look positively odd. We had several options available to deal with this tricky part of the quest, all of which resulted in some advantages but also disadvantages, and namely for the players. It was decided then in the spirit of the whackiness of Dragonfable but also due how important the players are to hand freedom of choice to them.
So pick your whackiest, craziest armours suitable for the particular moment, or simply do not, and revel in the weird and funny feelings that come out of it.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


You've made it to the mysterious and confusing third floor of the Espina Rosa... but will you be able to make it out? Now that you've found Elryn in the labyrinthine layout you'll need to decide what your next move is!

DragonFable Espina Rosa Third Floor


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spooky Spooky and Damp

It's comin' tomorrow, everyone, sorry for the delay! 34 rooms over 4 floors took me a bit! The walkaround is in testing now and I'll be adding some finishing touches on the backgrounds, spooky-spooky-and-damp monsters, and some other fun things once I wake up. Now to go dream that I'm working in flash.... /niiightmares!


Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Drowned Fortress

The release is finally live! You guys can make your way to the dark, shattered fortress through your Book of Lore! There are thirty-four rooms, four floors, three locked chests, two chests with temporary supplies, and multiple things that will try to kill you! Are you brave enough to go for a swim?

DragonFable Drowned Fortress

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Late release

Hey guys!
I just wanted to tell you that I've sprained my wrist on wednesday, and right now Geopetal is working very hard on the release.

She's doing her best, but the release might be late... or in the worst case scenario, tomorrow.

We hope you'll understand.
Thanks in advance.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Yulgar's First Date

Cysero's Time Cake has sent you back the day of Yulgar's First Date but with one caveat... you're there in the same body as you had twenty years ago! Brimme and Gramercy have are sending their kids off to the Oaklore Overlook... can you save the date and find the harp? Or will you have forced down that Time Cake for nothing?

DragonFable First Date


Friday, May 15, 2015

A Time For Everything

I know many of you were expecting the last part of the Mother's Day release today, but unfortunatly that's going to have to wait till tomorrow. Tomix is working on the cutscenes for the quest, but they are pretty big and he needs another day to get them all ready. We don't know exactly when it'll be out tomorrow, but we'll let you know!

For today though we've got something a lot of you wanted. (And bugged Tomix about every week for the past few months) Avatar of Time is finally going into testing for DA holders! The item you got from the calendar won't change into the class until the testing phase is over. (It's going to last 2 weeks like the others) If you are a non-DA holder you won't be able to actually test the armor, but if you have the item from the calendar you WILL be able to use it once it changes. This armor uses a couple of new effects that haven't been done before, including a new DoT type effect that was pretty hard to get working correctly. There will be an official testing thread for this class in the Dragonfable General Discussion section of the forums. Make sure that you let us know of any bugs you run into as several things may break because of how different a few skill effects are compared to normal effects.

While you're testing it, make sure to keep several things in mind.

First, It's not going to be as powerful as Doom Knight. I know several people said that it should be because it's an "Avatar", but it won't be. (Yes, even after the skill revamp DoomKnight is getting, it will still be the strongest armor in the game. Again, that won't change) Avatar of Time is a name, nothing more. While the armor is flashy and cool looking like an Avatar should be, it's not going to be doing 400%, or more, damage on every skill.

Second, make sure to use all the skills and experiment with them. Just because something isn't obvious the first moment you push the button, doesn't mean the skill isn't doing anything. Skills that can't miss, they have TONS of Bonus to Hit, have no real notification unless we give it one and I didn't think you wanted that bar to constantly be popping up over your character. If you have a question about a skill that you think has an effect but you don't know what it is, ask me in the testing thread. I'll be happy to give you an answer as to what the skill does.

Third, if you don't like a skill make sure you give us a reason and what effect you think would be better to replace it. "I hate X! Get rid of it!" is less helpful in terms of feedback than, "This class doesn't really seem to be able to handle *enemy/effect/something else*. I really feel like *skill* should be changed and *effect* added because it will make sure it can counter it better." Something to keep in mind though is that several of the choices I made in terms of stating the class took into consideration that it may be missing something. Ask first and I'll be sure to explain why it's missing something or work to try and figure out some sort of compromised effect that solves the need to keep the class somewhat balanced and make sure you get an effect that makes the class better.

Fourth, there is skill activation lag on a couple of the skills. I can't fix that. Flash is based on a timeline where it starts at 1 and goes until you stop adding in art. You can have hundreds or thousands of frames in flash and that slows down things like skills. When you push a skill button the game has to jump from where it is ALLLLLLL the way to whatever skill animation connects to the button you just pushed. AoT's timeline is really, really, long because of how much Tomix put into the class. That means that you may see a tiny bit of lag when you push a skill and the game has to not only calculate the damage and effect, but also has to move to play the connected animation. It may be more apparent on slower computers or connections, and I'm sorry but there is no actual way to fix that with how many animations this class has. I wish there was but the animations themselves are amazing, Tomix really outdid himself with them, so I hope they make up for the tiny bit of processing lag.



With this release, the Guardian revamp moves out of testing and becomes the live version of the class. Due to work this week I wasn't able to get the matching items for Guardian ready, nor the saving feature for Guardian's to be able to save the class from the Guardian Tower. I'll be working on all of that tomorrow while the rest of the team works on getting the main release out for you guys.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Art, Art, and More Art, and Fan Art!

DragonFable has some absolutely amazing artwork and animated cutscenes. Cysero, Ghost, Tomix, Oishii, Dracelix, Cronix, True Mortal, Rags, Thyton, Nulgath, Dage, J6, have all contributed artwork to the game in the form of NPCs, backgrounds, armors and weapons! One thing I would love to get together is a short movie preview for the game to share and promote it. If we were to make an epic trailer for DragonFable what cutscenes and moments just need to be included? What armor skills should be featured? What music? Let us know on the forums!

Fan Mail!
I wanted to give a shout out to Fatma and Emre! Thank you so much for the package you guys sent the office!

DragonFable Socks
The left one is now under lock and key! ~geo

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

The seasonal shops for Mother's Day are now open! The new Asteraceae Scythe is availble for Dragon Coins! If you missed them on previous years, the Midnight Wish, Sakura, and Oleander sets are now seasonal items as well! The seasonal shops will be open until the 25th of this month.

Make sure you call, hug, thank, or fight off invading monsters in the name of whomever you call Mom today! 

DragonFable Mother's Day Daisy Flower Scythe
Asteraceae Scythe from Tomix


Friday, May 8, 2015

Yulgar's First Date

It's been a long time since you've seen Yulgar! Every year though, without fail, he makes sure to set a bouquet of daisies out by the fountain behind the Pet Shop. If you hurry to the Book 3 Pet Shop, you might be able to catch him! You'll be able to join on Aria and Yulgar's Family Time and hear all about his first date with Aria's Mom!

DragonFable Yulgar First Date

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Family Time

Every year, for the past twenty years, on a special day Yulgar has brought a bouquet of flowers to the Falconreach pet shop; first for his girlfriend, then for his wife, then… for a memory. This week, join Yulgar and his daughter, Aria, for the first half of our Mother's Day quest event and listen in as he retells her favorite childhood story about Yulgar’s First Date!

DragonFable Yulgar and Aria


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Captain Rhubarb to the rescue

Greetings! I have great news! Some of you probably noticed the down time and login errors that occured yesterday. While not being able to log in wasn't a good thing, something good DID happen because of it. Captain Rhubarb was updating the part of the Database that deals with armors, specifically fixing the issues with letting you all save armors! While there are still a few small background things to do, as of now you will be able to save any armor that is supposed to be saved! I even made sure he set a few future armors as savable so that when Avatar of Time is fully ready, and tested, and released, you'll immediatly be able to save the class! PLEASE make sure to say thank you to Captain either in the DN post on the forums or @ him on twitter. He went way overboard getting the back end system working again and deserves many thanks for it.

Guardian's, once your class is out of testing and I get the proper buttons setup, you'll be able to save the Guardian class as your default class even if you don't have a Dragon Amulet! This is just another thank you for having supported one of our games.

Once Guardian is out of DA testing there are only a handful of armors left that need updates. One of those is the Gnomish Personal Steamtank. Due to it being a purchased armor, the Mk II itself will not be changing. It will keep the current skills it has now. Instead, just like what happened with the Vr 1.0 model, it will be removed from Cysero's store and the new armor, with the revamped skills, will replace it. If you already own a Mk II you will automatically get the new version, however the version you get will have a 0 DC sellback. (You already paid for the class itself so you get that version) This is so that you don't have to spend more DC's to get the new version if you like it better than the old one. There's no ETA on this, I just wanted to make sure that you all are aware of what the plan is for this so you can have an idea of what's going on.

This also ties into the next part. The current version of DoomKnight will be going rare. There will be a NEW version with updated skills that will replace it. What this means though is if you buy the DoomKnight package after the revamp of its skills go live you will get the NEW skills, not the old. Anyone who owns the old version will get the new one just like with GPS. This is for many reasons, and we only came to this decision after Geo and I had a somewhat long discussion on the subject.

DoomKnight as it is breaks all sorts of things. While the best option would be to totally change the current class and remove the couple of gamebreaking things, taking the same action as MechQuest is by making the version that's causing issues rare and putting out a new version was decided to be the best way to handle it. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE NEW ARMOR WILL BE WEAKER. If you've been following along with any of the armor revamps you'll see what I've been able to do. Since DoomKnight is meant to be the strongest armor in the game I have a lot more room to give it crazy and interesting skills that, while very powerful, don't break entire parts of the game. It will still be the strongest class in the game, after the revamp though all of the skills will feel useable, not just 4. This is still quite a ways away but it is coming and you all should be prepared for it as well.

Now I'm back to working on Mana Potion training fixes! That should hopefully be out soon as well!


Monday, May 4, 2015

May the 4th Be With You

The pieces to a legendary E-blade are scattered across Lore and Lim needs you to find them! Are you up to the challenge? Can you find and create your own E-blade to cut through your foes? Log in now and talk with Lim in Book 3 Falconreach to get started!


Saturday, May 2, 2015

May the 4th

A long time ago, in a place not so far away, there were mech battles and laser swords and lots of other cool stuff... On Monday, your search for a legendary blade will begin. May the 4th be with you!

DragonFable Scavenger Hunt May the 4th


Friday, May 1, 2015

Crust of the Walking Bread

This week we have a short and simple quest that we've added to Book 1 Falconreach! Just head to Gretels's Bakery and see if she has any Unbread Pudding left for you to try.

DragonFable Walking Bread

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