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October 15, 2013

Need Account Help?

Use the Help Pages!

Player Support is the first line of defense whenever you have ANY issue, be it payment, account, technical, or game-related, and we personally read EVERY email sent to us. We’re a small team, but we are MIGHTY in our power to help solve your problems and make sure you enjoy our games as much as possible!

The Player Support team is made up of:

  • Nythera, head of Player Support
  • Zazul
  • Neveya
  • and Lady Tomo
  • Stratos helps too, when he has time!

Where Else to Get Help?

You should only email the Help Pages! For us to help you in the best and fastest way possible, we NEED you to use them, not Twitter, Facebook, or the forum!

If you post on Twitter, Facebook, or the forum, that just means our team members need to redirect you to the Help Pages anyways! (It's also very easy for our team members to miss your important posts on social networking sites, because sometimes they need to sleep.)

 Using the Help Pages right from the start means we can start helping you confidentially and directly as soon as we read your email. (Remember, because real people read each email we get, it may take between 1-3 business days to respond!)

Where ARE the Help Pages?

You can find them linked on each of our game websites!

Account Safety Tips

There’s nothing I enjoy less than a stolen account. I’m sure you feel the same way - who wouldn’t?! So here are some tips to help keep your account safe and out of the hands of thieves.

  • Never share your account with anyone! Not even a friend. Every person who knows your password makes your account less secure.
  • Use a secure password! Use oth letters AND numbers, use both upper and lower case, and make sure your password is at least 8 characters long.
  • Confirm your email with us! This makes sure your email can’t be changed without your permission.
  • Never enter your account name and/or password into any site or email that isn’t owned by Artix Entertainment!

We Don't Want to Ban or Mute You!

We have rules in place to help keep ALL our players safe and having fun in AQWorlds! Make sure you follow the rules so you don't have your account muted, banned, or disabled! Not sure if something's ok to do? Review the rules!

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August 14, 2012

Tuesdays With Tomix!

Every Pyromancer needs a spell book filled with the fiery words of Fiamme's realm! Tomix has upgraded the best-selling monster cookbook, the Pyronomicon (second edition, of course), for your future Pyromancers to use!

Tuesday Release!
Warlic's zone has been redone! Dracelix has beautified the forest around Warlic's Tent and Ghost has provided music for the area! Nythera has also graciously decided to offer access to the last few quests of her chain again. Leaving the zone will also put you on the correct part of the walkaround north of Falconreach now!

Coming Soon!

Dracelix has also upgraded the art to the Fire Cave, which will be coming soon, and Eric Greydawn will be helping to upgrade the other randoms in the zone as he has time!

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August 23, 2010

It's the End of the World as We Know It!

And I feel fine!
No, no, just kidding.  That describes the end of the LAST Nythera Saga!  This one won't destroy anything.  We hope.  It all depends on you, and if you can help Nythera achieve her ultimate goal: reuniting the Creatioux and Decadere!  Can you tame the Decadere?  Will they bow before Nythera's might?  (Not to mention her AWESOME fashion sense.  Who doesn't love a good pair of purple feathery shoulder-things?)  You'll see this week in the Nythera Saga: Rise of the DragonMage finale!

Ghost is working doubletime on the Nythera cutscene AND the project I'm going to tell you about in 2 or 3 sentences.  The Nythera quest will drop some REALLY nifty Void weapons that Lim made this past weekend.*

Ok, maybe it was less than three sentences.  But onwards and upwards (or outwards and downwards, if you prefer those directions instead), because as I type, the construction of a brand new town is taking place!  Those poor construction moglins have assembled another unit in... Willowshire!  You'll finally get to find out what happened to the Falconreach stable! No, we did not leave the stable door open for the horses to escape. It's MUCH more fun than that! /widegrin

As always, we are working ahead to prepare for future releases.  And speaking of future releases, with the end of the Nythera Saga this week, you'll see the return of the Clashening and Ravenloss in the next couple of weeks! 

Also, half of the DragonFable team is heading to Dragon*Con next week for crowd-filled fun (and crowd-borne germs. I REALLY hope no one gets the Con plague this year!).  We'll be having a panel on Saturday (on the MMO track) and a party hosted by Artix Entertainment on Saturday night.  If you're in the Atlanta area, we'd LOVE to meet you!  So stop on by and chat.  We'll be selling merch and, as usual, giving away free stuff! (Like the non-member pets in AQWorlds.  What will it be?  Possibly a derp-dragon, maybe sorta?!)

Big SALE news!
And finally, we have some very exciting news!  For the week of August 22nd (that's RIGHT NOW!), our AE game cards will be 15% off in Target stores!  That means they'll be $16.95 instead of $19.95.  Now, I'm not a numbers person (seriously, I took Math for Liberal Arts majors in college.  We did word problems all semester...), but that looks like savings for you to me!  You can also find our ad in the Target circular (the pages of coupons Target sends out). 

If you're a fan of our games and are looking to help support our ever-growing and always-friendly team of designers, then consider picking up one (or more!) of our game cards.  We always appreciate the players who take the time to show how much they enjoy the game, and this is a great - and discounted- way to do that!

Have a great week and hopefully I'll have something to Show and Tell on Wednesday for a Sneak Peek!





* Altogether now: We miss you, Lim!  Shouting SCIENCE! just isn't the same without you!

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August 06, 2010

Free-falling into Void magic!

See, that's how we combine two release topics into one headline. /flex
It's going to be a wild weekend, full of activities that will get your heart-pumping and your head thinking! 

In the DragonsGrasp quest and minigame, you'll talk to Circe until - Whoops! - somehow an avalanche gets triggered!  Those wacky natural disasters, always springing up without warning!  You'd better run! ... On second thought, running downhill with a mountain of snow crashing down behind you doesn't sound so smart.

You'd better hop onto that handy table and sled-ski (NEW SPORT!) your way down!  Try not to hit the trees or ice-blocks (do NOT hit the ice-block head on. It hurts! /ouchface). Make sure to stick around for the fireside chat afterwards. IF you manage to outrun the wall of snow, that is!

And if you like shiny purple ZOMGoodness, be sure to stop by and say hi to Nythera, because this week she's going to learn her Void magic!  Training montage! Dun na nah nah, dun na NAH NAH NAH! (I will have that rockin' theme song in my head ALL night now!) Help Nythera find her dainty yet fiercely independent ancestor, Azhura, a dragon who preferred to wield her magic in human form when she wasn't involved in universe-shaking adventures!

Nythera needs to learn what she can from her if she's going to be able to USE her Void magic next week!  Karon, the guardian of the river Nyx (which flows through Death's Realm), has graciously offered some of his tools for you to use as water-themed rewards!

A new (and awesome!) offer for you from AExtras!
Remember AExtras?  It's a GREAT way for people who don't want to- or can't/aren't allowed to- use online forms of payment  to earn DragonCoins!  Offers are based on where you live, so you'll want to see if there are any available for your area!

And we just got word of a brand new promotion!  This one features... DUN DUN DUN! An iPad from Apple!

This is not an iPad. The Gnomes of Popsprocket are not affiliated with Apple, Inc.


Starting today and running through September 6th, 2010, if you head to AExtras in ANY of Artix Entertainment's games and complete a Superrewards offer (one of the companies which sponsors AExtras), every time you fill out and complete an offer, you'll get ONE chance to win ONE iPad.  There is ONLY ONE iPad available, and it's guaranteed to go to a player of our games!  September 6th is the day the contest ends.  The winner will be announced on September 7th!

Remember, we advise you create a SEPARATE email address to give to companies when you do AExtras.  We feel very strongly about protecting you, our players, and we don't want you to have your inboxes flooded any more than you do!  So create a separate email, but remember: if you win, you're likely to be notifed through that email address, so make sure you remember what it is!

You can read all about this offer here!

Have a great weekend! I'm moving tomorrow, so I've got to go get buried in boxes and covered in cleaning solution as I swab floors, scrub sinks, and dust drapes!  See you Monday (or on the forums, Facebook, and Twitter!!)

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August 04, 2010

There's no a-Voiding these skills!

Nythera levels up!
In this week's Nythera quest, she'll unlock and learn her Void skills (though you won't be able to USE them until next week).  Khelios and Tomix are working together to make these skills SUPER-awesome, and we wanted to give you some information about them!


Summon an Abyss Fiend!

  • Abyss Fiend: Summon an Abyss Fiend to do damage to your opponent! 1 hit with +20 accuracy that does THREE times the damage of a normal hit!
  • Rapture: This will let Nythera cast a javelin to do two hits to the enemy: 1st hit does 1.5 times the damage of a normal hit, and the second will do damage over time.
  • Void Syphon: VS damages the enemy and heals Nythera's HP and MP by half the damage dealt.
  • Abyssal Corruption: 4 hits of damage, each doing 125% damage to the enemy.

I've seen some of the skill animations, and they will blow your mind and stun your senses; they're some of Tomix's most blast-iful work yet!

Enjoy the Sneak Peek of Nythera skills and we'll see you on Friday!

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July 30, 2010

This won't ruin your weekend, we promise!

But it WILL make you think!
This week we are giving your brains a workout! (Don't worry, we're pretty sure that Artix has slain all the zombies around, so your buffed-up brains should be PERFECTLY safe! /grin)

Yesterday Rolith released his Codemonkey Challenge for July and everyone on the forums was amazing as they pulled together and worked for over SEVEN hours to crack Rolith's code.  In the end, it was all thanks to one player (Rini) and her mother, who solved the riddle lightning quick once the last pieces of the puzzle fell into place.  Awesome job, guys! I love playing cheerleader in those threads!



But the puzzle-work isn't over just yet! The Ruins of the Bask Tower are waiting... for YOU. (Just be glad the Tower itself isn't sentient.  Hollywood has shown time and time again that NO GOOD comes from buildings that are alive.*) And scattered throughout it are the pieces of a vital message you will need to put together.  But this Tower is a tricky one!  The Ruins are dangerous, and the paths through it aren't much better.  You'll find traps and if you're unlucky, you'll find your way back blocked by falling rubble.  So watch out!  You remember what happened the LAST time you got hit on the head with a rock, right? RIGHT?!

If you start having trouble, why not head to the forums and see if anyone else has found clues to help you?   

New Nythera Wallpaper News!
Tomix and Randor the Red have worked together to produce two versions of the official Void Nythera wallpaper just for you! 

Both Nythera and I are using this one as our desktop backgrounds! SO pretty!

I talked to Ai No Miko and she says they are now up at our DF wallpaper site, so be sure to check back for them! 

Random Question of the Weekend
We are totally NOT going to use this in any future quest, no sir: What is your favorite Shakespeare play?  Tragedy, comedy, history play... you name it, if William Shakespeare wrote it, it's up for grabs as an answer!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I've got to go pack boxes and boxes and boxes or I'd stay and chat some more.  Moving is hard work! Second floor apartment ftl. /faint

* Inconspicuous window suddenly EATS YOUR FACE!

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July 26, 2010

Nythera Journeys into the Underworld!

Yes yes, my loyal lab assistants in training! It is I, Lim, filling in for Alina on this fine Monday afternoon to bring you design notes. But don't worry about her; she's perfectly fine! Alina is merely preoccupied with one of the many super-top-secret projects that we have floating around the Underground Lab at any given time. So without further ado...


Void Magics, and the Mages that Wield Them!

Last week, we saw the fickle and ferocious Nythera go head-to-dripping mandible against a Decadere youngling. Quite the spectacle! Teeth gnashed, a spiked tail clashed, but ultimately the dragonmage proved too much for the grotesque little monster. Nythera then proceeded to…

… absorb the Decadere’s essence into herself?! What dire repercussions could this rash action hold?!

Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Nythera may have absorbed the power of the Void, but she is not yet fully aware of how to use it. This week, her journey to harness this new source of power will take her into the very Underworld itself, where she must seek out an ancestors who was once able to control the unbridled chaos of Void magic!

I hypothesize that we will see an epic (and potentially destructive) family reunion this Friday!


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