Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Golden Kiss!

From Eric Greydawn:

Baron Au’Mydas has had plenty of time to think.  Two years it’s been since he and that golden kiss of his assaulted Falconreach.  He’s had a lot of thoughts between then and now, many of them involving what to do if he manages to get his power back.  Unfortunately, there’s a mischief maker out there who thinks it would be fun to see Au’Mydas have his power back.  

Coming this Friday, Baron Au’Mydas returns with his Golden Horde to see if this time he can’t be more successful.  

I read the forum threads on Lucky Week, and you guys have a LOT of ideas you would like to see in game.  Sadly we can’t pick up on all the suggestions you put forward.  I had an idea already cooking in my brain, and your suggestions helped cement that idea with a bit of a change in the lineup that I hadn’t originally intended.  Dracelix is also working on some house items for you, based on your suggestions on the forum!

Happy Lucky Week, and BattleOn!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lucky Week!

This week is Lucky Week! You guys will be able to play through previous years releases as well as a brand new story from Eric Greydawn which will, of course, come with a mini-war this weekend! Ghost and True Mortal are both busy making new items for holiday as well!

The ability to train Alexander's stats was added to Brump on Friday and, now, untraining works as well.


unlocked an achievement!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

You've unlocked an achievement: Thursday's Release!

There's no badge for that, but we hope you enjoy today's release anyways!

Now CLICKCLICKCLICK your way to your character page because, if you have a Dragon Amulet, you ALSO have badges on your Character Page!

You will have almost all of the badges in the Quest Log in-game! (All except for the DoomKnight Armor badge. We can't do that for some technical reasons full of codespeak that Rolith explained twice before giving up on me.)

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is banking on this.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A good deal you can take to the bank!

We've got a real deal for you today! But first, lets run through a fairly common scenario:

A year ago bought a Dragon Coin sword (or any DC item) from somewhere in-game, and you're level 35. It works amazingly well for your level and has some gorgeous art.

After leveling up twice, the sword is no longer useful, but you like it a lot and have some good memories of killing great opponents with it, so you want to keep it. BUT your bank is full up with Defender Medals, all those absolutely adorable pets you just HAVE to collect, and that Ruby Statue from the Vurr'men Ruins that you could only ever get to drop ONCE. (*mutter mutter*)

You can't throw any of THOSE things out, so your DC sword is sitting in your inventory taking up a precious spot.  What do you do, hero, WHAT do you DO?!

You let us solve your problem for you, that's what!

For today's feature, DragonLords will be saving Dragon Coins instead of spending them as we introduce the all-new UNLIMITED bank storage for Dragon Coin items!

That's right, if you have a Dragon Amulet, you'll NEVER need to sell or destroy a Dragon Coin item EVER AGAIN!

So now, when you go to the Bank in Falconreach, you'll see the following:

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is wearing armor.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where do you keep YOUR armor?

Most heroes have a backpack and a belt pouch. MAYBE a vault in the Mayor's bank, if they're lucky. But the greatest of heroes have something special: an Armor Closet!

If you haven't heard about this most awesome of storage spaces, you won't have to twist my arm(or) to get me to fill you in on the details!

You can buy a Closet of your very own from your very friendly, VERY eager Real Estate Orb. It will wheel and deal and sell you items you can't even pretend to need, but that you know you want. The Armor Closet, however, is something to need AND want because it will let you hold ALMOST ALL the armors in the game that you've unlocked!

The Armor Closet can be purchased for the most reasonable price (according to Cysero) of 1,000 Dragon Coins.

And now that we've restructured the Armor Closet, here's what you'll have access to (so long as you've unlocked them in-game):

  • your Base Class
  • DragonLord Armor
  • Color-custom DragonLord Armor
  • Evolved DragonLord Armor
  • Color-custom Evolved DragonLord Armor
  • Guardian Armor
  • Ranger Armor
  • Pirate Armor
  • Dread Pirate Armor
  • Ninja Armor
  • PumpkinLord Armor
  • Evolved PumpkinLord Armor
  • DeathKnight Armor
  • Paladin Armor
  • Necromancer Armor
  • Pirate Monkey Armor
  • Ninja Monkey Armor
  • DragonSlayer Armor
  • FrostMoglin Armor
  • TechnoMancer Armor
  • Gnomish Personal Steamtank (GPS) Armor
  • Gnomish Personal Steamtank (GPS) Mk II Armor
  • DoomKnight Armor
  • Kathool Adept Armor
  • Zardbie Armor
  • ChronoMancer Armor
  • SoulWeaver Armor

The armors in red are NEW additions to the Armor Closet. Remember, you can only access these armors if you've legitimately unlocked them in-game. That means to get the Kathool Adept armor or the DoomKnight armor, you need to have purchased it. To get the ChronoMancer armor, you must have purchased the AE 2011 Calendar from HeroMart.

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is feeling a little lucky!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your luck is in! A NEW war system is coming!

Hi guys! Happy not-quite-Friday! (Less enjoyable than tomorrow-Saturday but more fun than teeth-drill-day, right?)

It's time for another Sneak Peek Design Notes, and we have one that will make you GREEN with envy. Or maybe that's just anticipation. Which is also a suitable emotion. Feel your feelings, own your emotions! Just take time to analyze them later, because we've got some REALLY important information to pass on!

First up is a Sneak Peek made by Tomix. It's too big to post here on the Design Notes page, so I'll have to link you to it. Let me introduce you to Maeve, Queen of the Minx Faeries!

Take a moment. Study the picture. Reflect, perhaps, on why she is not a teeny tiny little fairy lass like all of the other Minx Faeries you've met in DragonFable. Once you're finished speculating, please do read on:

Maeve is an ADULT Minx Faery! That's right, ALL of the Minx Faeries you've fought in-game are children. At best, teenagers. Dodgy little wing-nuts, aren't they? That's because faery children have a prodigious amount of energy. Can't stay still. That explains their high dodge. As for the healing skill, well, faery magic and a keen instinct for self-preservation are wonderful things.

Bet you're glad you don't have to fight THEM in the war next week!

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has a fingerpain.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Potion through the Pain

Did you see the pun I made there? Potion through the pain? Potion... pushing... hahaha, right? Ha ha? Ha? Right? See, I jammed my finger a week or so ago- my little pinky finger on my left hand- and it hurts every time I have to type the letter A. Which is a lot.

Rolith is glaring at me again. Puns make Rolith SMASH! (He and George Lowe get along really well.) But on to the meat of the delectable sandwich of information that is the Design Notes!

So, I have to ask. Do you feel lucky, hero? Well, do ya? If you don't, you should, because this is the start of the luckiest time of the year, and YOU lead a charmed life! For a hero.

This week, you're fortunate that we'll be releasing an Earth Orb quest, especially because you'll be heading back to Guardian Fortuna. But don't get too wrapped up in what you're talking about with her, because dark and deadly events will be going on while you're chatting about the weather, weapon polish, and Celestia's favorite tea.

We'll also be introducing the Lucky Storybook! Much like the Hero's Heart Day storybook, the Lucky Storybook will allow you to re-play previous years' Lucky Day events. Lukkhi the Sneevilchaun will be playing the part of Master of Ceremonies (and boy, did we have to promise him a LOT of gold to fulfill the role).

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has some art for you to peek at.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coming sooner than you think! (But not quite yet.)

Many people makes jokes about S.O.O.N. lists in Artix Entertainment games (that stands for Sometime Or Often Never) when referring to projects we plan to release in the future. But the sneak peeks we're about to show you are DEFINITELY not on a S.O.O.N. list; they are scheduled for release in the coming weeks!

The new art and content in Oaklore will take a little longer than planned, but we are re-arting an entire zone. The Earth Orb Saga preview we'll be showing you today is coming up MUCH faster than that!


Lets start with the Earth Orb preview! I give you the Entropy Dragon! (Yes, that's the official name, though you guys came up with some REALLY good versions on the forum last week!)

If that doesn't whet your appetite and sharpen your interest in the Willowshire storyline, then... well... I could make a "dull" joke to keep up with the theme, but we here on the DF team are not that rude. So we'll just say that the above preview is on the cutting edge of sneak peek animation!

Be sure to log in to DragonFable this weekend to see the next installment of the Earth Orb storyline, because it's going to be AWEsome! (I just sent out the newsletter, so I'm still in pun-mode. My apologies.)


And now on to a preview I think many of you are interested in. A glimpse at some of the new Oaklore art!

I will warn you, it IS going to be different from what you know and love. But we think it is a definitely improvement, and we're looking forward to seeing the entire zone re-done in the updated art style!

Here is the outside of Oaklore Keep as it is now:

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likes double-rainbows.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Planning and doing and planning some more

Did you know there are only 13 days until Lucky Week? That does not seem right somehow, but that's the way the calendar tells it. If calendars could talk. Which they can't.

But yes, 13- THIRTEEN - days until Lucky Week! We've got a prodigious amount of planning to do before we can start implementing ANYTHING. We need a plot and a script (not the same things!) not to mention a design document which will tell the artists what prettypretty arts to art up and which will tell Rolith what codes to download from the inter-matrix.

And once the art, rewards, and code are done, it'll come time for assembly and, after that, testing. Lots and lots of testing, because we're planning on doing something just a little... different... this Lucky Week. In fact, it's SO different that it won't fit into a whole day.

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