has some art for you to peek at.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coming sooner than you think! (But not quite yet.)

Many people makes jokes about S.O.O.N. lists in Artix Entertainment games (that stands for Sometime Or Often Never) when referring to projects we plan to release in the future. But the sneak peeks we're about to show you are DEFINITELY not on a S.O.O.N. list; they are scheduled for release in the coming weeks!

The new art and content in Oaklore will take a little longer than planned, but we are re-arting an entire zone. The Earth Orb Saga preview we'll be showing you today is coming up MUCH faster than that!


Lets start with the Earth Orb preview! I give you the Entropy Dragon! (Yes, that's the official name, though you guys came up with some REALLY good versions on the forum last week!)

If that doesn't whet your appetite and sharpen your interest in the Willowshire storyline, then... well... I could make a "dull" joke to keep up with the theme, but we here on the DF team are not that rude. So we'll just say that the above preview is on the cutting edge of sneak peek animation!

Be sure to log in to DragonFable this weekend to see the next installment of the Earth Orb storyline, because it's going to be AWEsome! (I just sent out the newsletter, so I'm still in pun-mode. My apologies.)


And now on to a preview I think many of you are interested in. A glimpse at some of the new Oaklore art!

I will warn you, it IS going to be different from what you know and love. But we think it is a definitely improvement, and we're looking forward to seeing the entire zone re-done in the updated art style!

Here is the outside of Oaklore Keep as it is now:

And HERE is the outside of Oaklore Keep as it will be

For a side-by-side comparison with larger images and more detail, just click THIS link.

Let us know what you think of the new art! We'll also be updating the inside of the Keep's art so that it's not so sparse (as some of you pointed out).

NEWS OF THE FUTURE (right now!)

The Hero's Heart Day storybook is leaving THIS Friday, as is the RavenLoss War in its dynamic form. Look for the Ravenloss static war to go in this Friday or possibly this coming Monday.

Also this Friday is the next installment of the Earth Orb Saga. It's going to be AWE-some!

NEXT week the Lucky Day storybook will be introduced in Falconreach! It will allow you to play though the previous years' Lucky Day events! You'll have access to the 2008 Gold Fever! war, the Ninth Time's a Charm 2009 random dungeon, the 2010 Gild the World war and all the seasonal rares that come with them!

Starting March 14th sometime AFTER 4-5pm, we'll begin the Lucky Week event! More details about that will come... hmmm... possibly next week, if you're lucky enough. Otherwise, we'll just wait until the day it begins to share all the shiny shiny details.

We hope you're liking what we have planned for DF's future releases! If you have a Facebook account, we'd love it if you'd Like our new Fan Page. You can find it here!