Friday, April 6, 2012


Eric Greydawn has worked hard this week to bring you a very evil Grenwog release! Marshmellow Pips are hidden all throughout the land of Lore, if you can find all the hidden Pips then you'll unlock a monstrous titan fight! Each of the quests that the Pips can be found in will also have a rare Grenwog Egg drop that can be used as a merge item for new Grenwog helms!

If yu're having trouble finding the Pip make sure to visit the official thread in the DragonFable Forums for help! (Hint for the 1st egg: You don't have to finish the quest, you can leave right after fighting the Pip!)

Armor Paint Closet
Rolith has completed work on the new Armor Paint Closet! Dracelix has also upgraded the Closet with a gorgeous new background!