Friday, April 20, 2012

The Boss Awaits!

Wargoth, a powerful fire infernal, is the greatest enemy the Ateala have ever known. They used to be able to riftwalk across dimensions until their power drew Wargoth's attention. His attack devastated the planet Somorah where he ruled over them in tyranny until his only son revolted against him. The Ateala no longer had the ability to riftwalk but were able to stay in peace on the dark world, Somorah... until Wargoth returned. With the help of the mysterious Professor, they were able to expand a single, found portal and transport themselves and the great city of Atrea through it, but Wargoth's fiery legions followed them to Lore!

Wargoth himself is a master of fire with the ability to to control it and bend it to his will. Now he follows his legions to Lore, a place where the elemental planes have been thrown out of balance. Where the plane of fire itself has been weakened... will it be able to defend itself against this malevolent new power coming to take over Lore?

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