Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Hunt Begins...

Wargoth has come through the portal to Lore and our only hope is to find The Professor. This week the hunt begins for the mysterious man who helped to save the Ateala... and may have doomed Lore!

Relics of the DragonKnight
Ghost has created a amazing new DC set that will be available this Friday! These metal weapons will boost your damage against dragons by 10% and, if you have the whole set equipped, it will boost your damage against dragons by 30%! And you can even open the helm by clicking on it!

The Merchant Cyan has brought these relics from an exotic land and will drop the items off at Cysero's Superstore on Friday, but you'll be able to catch him in downtown Falconreach as well, if you want to buy the items directly from him!

Tags: #geopetal