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Friday, January 17, 2020

What's Mine is Yours!

Hey there, heroes!

This week in DragonFable, visit your favorite Boxcat in Book 3 Amityvale for a little chat. Turns out your fuzzy friend may be in some legal trouble! Oh no!

It's time for the hero to play... Politics!

Also this week, Underworld Epoch is finally ready for its first iteration!

Changes from Base Epoch:

  • Underworld Epoch gets double turns whenever it starts a turn with over 3 momentum.
  • Timeshift
    • Now maximizes your Momentum.
    • Starts with a 5 turn cooldown.
    • Cooldown now persists across battles.
  • Final
    • Now does set 450% damage on use, independent of Momentum.
    • Has new Death Note animation!
  • Momentum increasing attacks now only increase momentum by a maximum of 1.

Some known issues:

  • The foreleg of female Underworld Epoch is not correct.
  • Final has the wrong description when first entering battle.

As always, your feedback is valuable when iterating these classes! Let us know what you think on the forums and on Twitter!

Finally, a couple of bug fixes and a change:

  • In the quest: The Last Chapter: Aspar, you are now switched to your saved class instead of your base class after the first half.
  • Monkey Ninja's Defense skill no longer freezes after use.
  • Corrupted Doom Epoch now starts with 6 Momentum, up from 3.

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