Friday, April 6, 2018

The Dreamspace Challenges Have Arrived!

Hey there, Heroes!

The next challenge in the Inn at the Edge of Time is here! Welcome to Dreamspace!


Face off against the mighty Mega Meowphant! An unstoppable beast who may just trample you right over!

Spar against Sporca, the Swift, a speedy, fragile, uh, creature, that is agile and very hard to hit!

Earn the Meowphant's Mettle Belt, and your very own Sporcaling pet in this week's challenges.

Note: DoomKnight V1 is not allowed for this week's challenges.

Can you stop the Mega Meowphant rampage? Can you catch up to Sporca? Or will you and your dreams be trampled in a very odd nightmare?

Head over to the challenge board at the Inn at the Edge of Time to find out!

Having trouble with the fights? Have strategies you want to share? Feedback? Praise? DragonFable related dreams?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

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Coming next week: The Lucky Day book sure has been there a while, and that 13 Leaf Clover in your pocket is starting to make... noises?

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