Monday, June 3, 2019

Updates and Songs

Hey there, heroes!

A quick Monday update is here for you all!


  • Cryohem's on-foot battle has had its health reduced by about 33%.
  • Access to Song of the Ateala has been added to Sulen'Eska, from Kara.
  • Fixed a bug where LUK was actually giving your target defenses, rather than yourself.
  • A new hotspot to change the elements on the Ancient Dragon Scythe of Elements has been added.
    • The hotspot has been added to the very bottom of the scythe's shaft.
    • This hotspot will cycle through the elements (like the handle spot).

And that's all for today's brief updates!

And now that you have been victorious in the war, I would like to present the transcription of the introduction of the Song of the Ateala.

Song of the Ateala (Intro)

Hearken to us, our Ateala
Children of your one Empress
Look to the stars, our guidance

Listen well to our song
Of our kin and history
Of Unael and Ascended
Of homes long past.

In the tapestry of stars, long ago
A different space, another time
We lay, alone, looking to the lights

A flash, a spark, a
comet across the sky
The promise of more
More beyond this veil
More beyond this Void

We would need to see, to learn, to grow
Such emotion that came upon us
And so we shed a tear.

The first drop, the first of our Ateala
Followed by many more, overwhelmed
Our children arose, and in wonder and new life,
At the stars, at the lights of potential,
We lent you our strength, that we may explore
As one.

Hearken to us, our Ateala
Children of your one Empress
Look to the stars, our guidance

In time the stories came
Of culture and of art
Of conquest and of defeat
Of stars long gone

In the tapestry of stars, long ago
A different space, another time
You came, back home, bringing us your light.

Areina, the first to return, to see the stars
As we do, together, she brought to us the sky
A portrait of wonder, seen through our eyes.
We took the horizon and we made it our own
Together we watched, and lent you our strength
As one.

We could not escape notice, for as we grew
There were others, not alone, now lost to the Void
A serpent of hunger, devourer of our children, it
Slid through our grasp, til it met Anohrin, who
Tore down the stars, and with them protected
As one.

As our inspiration faded, as our tears ceased to fall
Our children returned to us, with new stars in their eyes
And together we sang, and shared in our sight, from which
New children emerged, the same as our tears, but not
Dependent on our own creation they grew together
With us.

Our tears returned, our knowledge branched, our children
In awe, born of song and star, were prosperous, we knew
There were other stars, other skies, other children, and
More to explore, to see, to learn, to grow, to be
Our home we left, the first of many, taking the stars
With us.

The Ateala have had a long and varied history. This poem is only the introduction to their epic- one which spans many homes and peoples.

All sorts of heroes and Unael have had their deeds immortalized in the Song of the Ateala, epic tales and journeys, cultures and conflicts. And for now, well, you'll have to play the war's finale to see.

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