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Friday, June 14, 2019

True Mortal: Alliance

Hey there, heroes!

Seems like there's a chill in the air with this summer's DragonFable releases!

This week, the Book 2 True Mortal saga continues. Previously, you had met with Caeternam, an ancient being who explained the history of the mysterious gates scattered across teh land of dragons. Caeternam also emphasized the threat of the ice beast, Isathaara, and the ice giant, Nivalis. Bringing this information back to True Mortal, you then left to seek allies.

Aisha, queen of the ice dragons, was unable to aid you, and now, as you return to True Mortal with this news, it's time to set off for your next attempt.

Conflict is on the horizon as forces gather. Head over to Stoneheart Fall in Book1/2 to play this week's release: Alliance!

Also this week, a major revamp to stat training prices has finally arrived!

Dragon Amulet holders will now be able to train and reset stats for the low, low, price of free!

Test out new builds and stat combinations, and swap stats for different classes without spending gold.

But that's not all. if you do not have a Dragon Amulet, stat training prices have been significantly adjusted. Stat training will now cost a flat 20 gold per stat point no matter what your level is. Resetting stats remains costing 1000 gold, however.

In summary: Dragon Amulet holders can train and reset for free. If you do not have a Dragon Amulet, then stat training will cost 20 gold per point, and 1000 gold for a reset.

Get your Dragon Amulet here!

Remember, the Dragon Amulet is a one-time only purchase that will permanently upgrade your character and allow you to use more skills, items, and grant you access to Dragon Amulet only content! And now, it will allow you to train and reset your stats for free.

More updates and reworks to come in DragonFable's anniversary month of June! Thank you for playing, and thank you for supporting DragonFable!

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