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Friday, December 27, 2019

Book 3: A Hero is Reimagined

Hey there, heroes!

It's been an amazing year full of awesome releases, devious challenges, and crazy story beats! What was your favorite release this year? Let us know on Twitter or the forums! We'd love to hear from you.

But now, it's time for the final release of 2019! This is the beginning of a massive Reimagined project that seeks to streamline and rewrite DragonFable's main story (up to a point). Targetted areas of the story include Book 3, up until The Tournament of Champions, the beginning of Book 1, up until the Dragon Egg Saga (and a little bit afterward too), and some of Book 2.

This rewrite and reimagining will aim to make playing through the story flow much more naturally, as well as more consistent. NPCs in towns and quests will be reworked to direct players more along the path of the main story.

This week, we've reimagined the Book 3 introduction: A Hero is Thawed!

The quest "A Hero is Thawed" has been rewritten to make sense and hopefully feel less arbitrary to new players.

Following the introduction, Maya in Book 3 Oaklore has had her dialogue and options reworked. Excessive and unnecessary buttons have been removed, and she now has a branching dialogue tree for new players that explains the current state of the Kingdom of Greenguard, and what is going on in the world after the Hero was frozen. Returning or veteran players can access this dialogue by clicking the "Do I... know you?" button.

The (spoilers) ambush in the woods has been reworked and rewritten to a) make sense, b), be more consistent, and c), not softlock you if you lose the fight.

These changes should help the world feel more consistent and less... nonsensical... for new players, as well as streamlining Book 3's start with clear directions.

This week, the maximum number of inventory and bank slots available for purchase has increased!

You can now get a maximum of 200 Bag Slots and 100 Bank Slots. The new slots are available for 500 Dragon Coins each.

Also this week, a bunch of trinkets skills have been fixed/adjusted.

  • Bacon Storm
    • No longer has built-in Bonus
    • No longer lockeed to Magic
  • Beacon of Hope
    • Now applies its intended defense buff (+80).
    • Now properly plays its animation.
  • Blue Box
    • Removed "Resisted" pop up.
  • Boom Voice Bew
    • Now deals 140% damage as described.
    • Attack is now locked to Metal element for both normal and stun effects.
  • Booty Sniffer (All versions)
    • No longer has built-in Bonus
    • No longer locked to Magic
  • Chi Blast
    • Skill now properly caps at 25% HP max damage.
    • Charge notification now goes up to 100%.
    • Minimum damage reduced to 6%.
    • Mana cost in notification is now accurate (was previously half the cost).
    • Now has a base MP cost of 0.
  • Fry's Coffee
    • Now applies 10 Boost (down from 20)
    • Description is now accurate.
  • Crogen Amulet
    • Buffs are now applied on use instead of the turn after.
  • Summon Destiny Dragon/Summon Young Destiny Dragon
    • No longer has built-in Bonus
    • Buffs are now applied on the turn used, instead of the turn after.
  • Elemental Unity
    • No longer has built-in Bonus
    • No longer locked to Magic
    • Now accurately does 200% base damage. (was doing slightly more.)
  • Fireworks!
    • Now increases crit by 30, up from 3.
    • Now applies for 5 turns.
  • Blinded by Love
    • No longer has built-in Bonus
    • No longer locked to Magic
    • Duration of effect reduced to 1 turn, from 4 turns.
  • Ice Gem
    • No longer locked to Magic
    • Now costs 50 MP to use.
  • Ice Princess Tear
    • No longer lockeed to Magic
    • Now costs 50 MP to use
    • Name and description have been updated to be accurate.
  • Limeworks
    • Damage reduced to 4 hits of 25%, down from 4 hits of 60%.
    • Effect duration reduced to 2 turns, down fro m4 turns.
  • Mirror Eye Trinket
    • Now has a cooldown of 10 turns.
  • You Are Here
    • Now properly applies its effects.
    • Cooldown increased to 30 turns.

Finally, the Frostval Storybook will be leaving the Book of Lore with next week's release. The Winter's Harbingers DC item shop will also be leaving with next week's release. AND The Maluerous: Remthalas war will stop dropping Defender Medals next week! Make sure to get your Defender Medals and seasonal goodies while you can!

And that's all for this week! Thank you all for an amazing 2019, and see you next year! Let's make it even better yet!

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