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Friday, September 6, 2019

The Exaltia Tower: The Archives

Hey there, heroes!

In this month's Arena at the Edge of Time update, a new floor has opened in the Exaltia Tower!

Traverse The Archives of the Exalted and fight your way through Infernals and Celestials in your quest to reach ever higher in the tower.

Will you be able to fight your way through the protectors of The Archives? Will you be able to earn your next step toward Apotheosis?

Head over to the Inn at the Edge of Time to ascend the next floors of the Exaltia Tower!

In other news, Chaosweaver is coming along! The groundwork has been laid out, and several skills have been coded. The class mechanic, Soulthreads, is looking to be quite strategic.

As a mostly offensive class, Chaosweaver will have somewhat limited access to defensive skills. You'll need to build up Soulthreads in order to use your defensive abilities- and when you use one, all of your Soulthreads will be consumed. However, these defensive skills will be very powerful as a result. Your ability to succeed as a Chaosweaver will revolve aroudn being able to properly judge when to use your Soulthreads- and when to take a hit.

Riftwalker has been updated today as well.

  • Rift Cutter now starts at 50, decreasing by 5 each turn. (Previously started at 25, decreasing by 5)
  • Final Blow resets Rift Cutter to 50, but now does additional damage per missing Rift Cutter stacks.

These changes should bring it more in line with the other Atealan classes.

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