Saturday, April 27, 2019

Technomancer Fixes

Hey there, heroes!

Technomancer is getting some fixes. Unfortunately, Drive Boost was bugged to be adding its damage per hit rather than overall. This resulted in much greater damage than intended.


  • Drive Boost now adds its damage to the overall damage of each skil, rather than per hit.
    • For example, previously, when using Photon Bow at 100 Drive, each hit would do 140 damage, for a total of 420% base damage.
    • Now, when using Photon Bow at 100 Drive, the damage will total 220% (100 Drive + 120 base).
  • To compensate, Drive Boost now increases by 2% per missing MP %, capping at 200.
    • So at maximum Drive, Photon Bow will do 320% base damage.
  • Overclock! was incorrectly listed as having 11 turns of cooldown. It has 8 turns of cooldown.
  • Event Horizon now does 2 hits of 55% instead of 1 hit of 110%.
  • Force-Sword now does two hits of 65% damage.
  • Tog-Drone now provides 50 Boost, 100 Bonus, and 50 Crit, adjusted from 30 Boost, 100 Bonus, and 100 Crit.
  • MP costs across the board have been increased by 10.
  • Mana Eruption cooldown increased to 18, up from 14.

While you may notice some changes in damage, this should end up around the same place as before.

As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated!


Tags: #Verlyrus