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August 28, 2020

Reimagined: Swampy and Spooky!

Hey there, heroes!

It's a me, Tomix Dove!

With Verly chilling deep within his interdimentional box, Dracelix and I have prepared for you an art update to not one, but two old quests!

Sir Koffagus Sarcophagus, available from Sir Pernatural in Oaklore Keep (Book 1, 2 and 3)

Crystal Clear Lake, available from Thursday in Amityvale (Book 1 and 2)

Dracelix has also reforged the weapon drops from Crystal Clear Lake! (They are still low level, but hey, maybe you'll like the new art and will use as shown weapon!)


Have a great weekend!

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November 27, 2019

Thankstaking Reimagined: Bug Fixes!

Happy Thankstaking, heroes!

This month's Reimagined release includes just a number of miscellaneous fixes and game improvements!

Class adjustments:

  • Riftwalker class has been given a new idle pose, one that does not obscure dialogue boxes in old quests.
  • Base classes (Mage, Warrior and Rogue) have received a few Color Custom fixes and adjustments. The most noticable being the Warrior class, its base color is now properly utylized (instead of being considered as a highlight) This means you might have to remake your CC a bit, it you're using Warrior.
  • Female DragonLord classes have been given correct CC codes, mirroring the CC on male DragonLord.
  • Paladin's cape layer has been fixed to no longer appear in front of your head. The class' back collar is also properly positioned now!
  • Female Shadow Rogue and Shadow Mage classes finally have a neck! Of sorts... their pauldrons are rather large. But still!

Other adjustments:

  • "The Study of Forbidden Magicks" book is now available from the Libraseum, if you have finished the "Heroes" quest.
  • SoulWeaver Hood's hair is now properly CC.
  • An epilepsy warning has been added to the Calamity finale. You can now skip the flashing parts!
  • Cutscene skips have been added to "One Pala-day At a Time" quest.

And that'd be all.

Black Friday deal will be coming this friday, and Cyber Monday... on monday! How about that!

Now, it's time for me to continue working on the 2020 Epoch animations!

With Thanksgiving being right around the corner, we'd like to thank you, the players, for your continued support.

You mean so much to us. You are our family. Without you, DragonFable wouldn't be what it currently is. Your fanart warms our hearts, your lore and plot speculations fills us with joy, your battle strategies and community guides remind us of how amazing playerbase we have, and your memes continue to make our days!

Thank you!

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April 27, 2018

The Crossroads

Hey there, Heroes!

The Crossroads north of Falconreach have now opened in Book 3! Head east out of Falconreach, and then head directly north to explore the area and see how it's changed. The path used to lead to Dragesvard, Lymcrest, and Willowshire... But how have things changed over the years?

Have Lymcrest and Willowshire recovered? What is the Rose up to? Find out in this week's travel exploration release!

Also, Teka has recovered a new book titled "A Collection of Lorian songs, rhymes and other things"! Check it out in the Libraseum.

Also also this week:

Character stats have been revisited!



  • Glancing blows reduce damage to 25%, insteaed of 20%.


  • No longer increases base damage.
  • No longer increases critical hit damage.
  • Increases melee/pierce/magic defenses instead of block/parry/dodge.


  • Increases Immobility resistance by 20% of STR.
  • Increases stat bonus damage by (STR/5)%, multiplicative.
    • For example, at 250 STR, the stat bonus damage will be 50% greater.


  • Increases Bonus by 20% of DEX.
  • Increases DoT damage (not including heals) by (DEX/10)%, multiplicative.


  • Increases Critical Hit damage by (INT/10)%, additive.
    • This is the same as the old LUK bonus!
  • Reduces glancing blow damage by (INT/10)%, additive.
    • For example, at 250 INT, glancing blows will do 0 damage!

The goal of these changes is to add much more variety to stat builds, while also reducing and refining the effectiveness of LUK. LUK is now about all or nothing- buffing direct hit chance (bypassing defenses), buffing MPM (bypassing damage), and buffing crit rate (bypasing BPD), and not so much about damage. This brings it more in line with CHA as a secondary stat.

STR, DEX, and INT recieved major effects to further cement them as primary stats. There are tons of interesting combinations to play with and explore! I hoped to make some old classes more viable with this, as well as adding more variety to builds.

Let us know on the forums or on twitter what you come up with!

Have theories about the Crossroads and adjacent locations? Have new build ideas you want to try out and share? Join us on the forums and Twitter!

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February 23, 2018

Ninjas, Ateala, Colors, and More!

Hey there, Heroes!

In this month's Reimagined update, we've revisted Shadow of the Wind Village in Book 1.

Dracelix has given it a complete makeover, along with the Ninja class' graphics, ninja helms and various ninja monsters across the game!


A Ninja Training Arena has been added to the Ninja Inn too! Fight ninjas to earn gold and experience!

Tomix has also added new color custom options for the Atealan Base Classes: Riftwalker, Ascendant, and Cryptic.


Atealan CC Base Classes, CC Ninja, and Old Ninja have been added to the Armor Closet too!

On top of all this, we've gone through and changed up color customization shading across the game. While you may have to tweak your colors a little bit as a result, these changes create a much cleaner look overall.

Tomix has also lowered the volume of the new element sounds! We are still tweaking the specific sounds to be better- this is something that we are still working on, and we appreciate all the feedback we've recieved!

Tomix has begun work on Epoch, too!


I can't wait to see how it looks in the end!

And that's not all!

I've added a new option to the options menu.

Turning on the "Sheathe Weapon" option will now automatically hide your weapon when you're not in battles. This can be turned on and off at any time when you can access the options menu, even in quests, or in cutscenes (just not in battles).

Like the Hard Mode option, this option affects all of your characters when turned on or off.

Speaking of Hard Mode, I've been very busy this entire month planning and plotting, and setting up things in the game engine for a major overhaul to Hard Mode! STR, DEX, and INT stats will gain extra effects, and enemies will gain special skills, abilities and stat boosts based on their race, element, and more! Scaling and rewards will also be rebalanced.

Coming Soon

Hard Mode Reimagined: Coming Soon!

Unlock the Obsidian DragonBlade In-Game Bonus Item!

Dragons are cool. Saving the world from a massive fire dragon? EPIC. Celebrate your victory and the AshFall Saga finale at with our newest collectible: the full-size AshFall Legacy Poster from HeroMart. 

Hand-painted by Dage the Evil, each poster comes with an Obsidian DragonBlade in AdventureQuest 3D, AdventureQuest Worlds, AdventureQuest,and DragonFable.

The Obsidian DragonBlade does bonus damage to Dragons and Reptilians, and can be upgraded at the BM Moglin in Falconreach, between the potion shops.

And that's finally everything!

Got feedback, or want to talk about the game?

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