Friday, April 3, 2015


Orion needs your help! Someone has Eggnapped one of the eggs he has been charged with protecting! You'll need to scramble to get it back before Orion gets in trouble! Hopefully you don't crack under the pressure!

If you haven't yet, make sure you check out the rest of the town! There's some pretty cool stuff to do there!



Monday, April 21, 2014

Grenwog '14

The 2014 Grenwog Shop is now live! Cronix has made some traditional, festive Grenberge items for you wear this year! Grab them before they're gone!


Friday, March 29, 2013

Life Finds A Way

This week's quest to the Sandsea has groooown, so much so, that what was planned for two weeks is going to have to spill over to at least three!

This week, you'll see the beginnings* of the bustling town that the Sandsea in the initial cutscene of the quest. You'll also fight a brand new monster that is hiding in the desert waiting for unsuspecting thugs and merchants! A monster that is itself seeking Sek Duat for revenge! 

If you can find Sek Duat this week... will you be brave enough to venture into his booby-trapped pyramid?

The Grenwog shop will be coming soon to the Book of Lore with egg-cellent weapons and adorable pets!

Next Week
Early next week one of AQW's favorite and amazing artists will be coming to help with DF! This evilly talented gentleman has a legion of fans who adore his work and I'm sure you'll love what he has to add to DF!

*Dracelix is working on a full walkaround version
that you'll be able to see in the next few weeks!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

War and Spoilers!

War is Coming!
This friday is Friday the 13th... and those portals to the Atealean homeworld have been suspiciously quiet....  

Get ready to decimate leagues of fire monsters as Wargoth launches another assault on Lore. There are Fire Imp Hats waiting for you guys if you can make it to the boss in time!

Grenwog Spoilers!
If you're still having trouble hunting down eggs and wish for spoilers.... here's the list of Grenwog Pip locations! Highlight for the locations!

1. Oaklore > Sir Junn > The Sweetest Thing 
2. Dragesvard > Galenoth > Bear Facts 
3. Amityvale > Thursday > Yaga Stone Circle 
4. Hunter's Paradise > Karina > Troglomite 
5. Ash > Quests > Enchanted Grove (The Grove) 
6. Oaklore > Sir Ano > Major Mayhem 
7. Moonridge > Dragonfang Inn > Viamat > Quests > Moonridge Patrol 
8. Shadow of the Wind Village > Inn > Quests > Bad Bananas 
9. Popsprocket > Zapp > Gnomenapped?! (In quest: Right -> Right -> Up) 
10. The Locker > The Tower 
11. Ash > The Coral Reef 
12. Necropolis > Too Many Cooks 
13. Popsproket > Yix > Sitcom 
14. Lim > Lost Order 
15. Willowshire > Guardian Fortuna > The Temple (of Gloom) 
16. Sandsea > Zhoom > The Hard Way 
17. Necropolis > Artix vs. the Undead 
18. Nythera > Stocking the Shelves 
19. Shadow of the Wind > Walk through Fire 
20. Dragesvard > Long in the Tooth 
21. Warlic > Other Quests > Save Lymcrest! > Fetching Fire 
22. Oaklore > Vurrmen Ruins 
23. Hunters Paradise > Karina > Barrat


Friday, April 6, 2012


Eric Greydawn has worked hard this week to bring you a very evil Grenwog release! Marshmellow Pips are hidden all throughout the land of Lore, if you can find all the hidden Pips then you'll unlock a monstrous titan fight! Each of the quests that the Pips can be found in will also have a rare Grenwog Egg drop that can be used as a merge item for new Grenwog helms!

If yu're having trouble finding the Pip make sure to visit the official thread in the DragonFable Forums for help! (Hint for the 1st egg: You don't have to finish the quest, you can leave right after fighting the Pip!)

Armor Paint Closet
Rolith has completed work on the new Armor Paint Closet! Dracelix has also upgraded the Closet with a gorgeous new background!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bad Hare Day

From the Kensai’s Cave:

Coming this Friday: It’s a bad Hare day!  The Grenwog hare has been all over lore, seeking out the best hiding places for his eggs.  This year he’s decided that what would be fun is an egg hunt!  It’s a non traditional egg hunt this year as you must collect the eggs for a merge shop, allowing you to select the weapon or helm of your choice!  One problem; the Grenwog Hare can’t remember where he hid everything.  You will need to search all over lore for the places where he has hidden the eggs in order to complete this event! You will want to work together on the forums to find all the hiding places! Good Luck!

True Mortal has crafted a weapon set for you, including Staff, Sword, and Katar as well as a helm, Dracelix has created the Armored Bunny Helm, and Ghost is hard at work on the cutscenes and fight animations for this event!


Thursday, March 29, 2012


Warlic has been after Alex since he arrived in Swordhaven and Alex has had enough. Now he's looking for some revenge, even if it's not a direct confrontation.... This Friday, log in and help Alex decide just exactly how he gets back at his rival!

Edelian House
Dracelix has completed another house inspired by Ravenloss. Kajap will have it in stock soon! 

Eric Greydawn was last seen laughing maniacally and twirling his moustache. Be afraid for next week's release!

Armor Paint Fairy
More colors will be coming soon*! Rolith, in between his 87 other projects, is looking into the possibility** of adding hex code input into the Armor Paint Fairy! Keep in mind, there's no guarentees, but, if he can get it working, you guys should be able to fully color-coordinate your characters! Big thanks to Dracelix for passing on the idea!

* Probably not this week.
** No guarentees! If he can't get it working, we will add more general colors though!