Thursday, March 29, 2012


Warlic has been after Alex since he arrived in Swordhaven and Alex has had enough. Now he's looking for some revenge, even if it's not a direct confrontation.... This Friday, log in and help Alex decide just exactly how he gets back at his rival!

Edelian House
Dracelix has completed another house inspired by Ravenloss. Kajap will have it in stock soon! 

Eric Greydawn was last seen laughing maniacally and twirling his moustache. Be afraid for next week's release!

Armor Paint Fairy
More colors will be coming soon*! Rolith, in between his 87 other projects, is looking into the possibility** of adding hex code input into the Armor Paint Fairy! Keep in mind, there's no guarentees, but, if he can get it working, you guys should be able to fully color-coordinate your characters! Big thanks to Dracelix for passing on the idea!

* Probably not this week.
** No guarentees! If he can't get it working, we will add more general colors though!