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Monday, April 15, 2019

Stats and You!

Hey there, heroes!

With this weekend's flurry of updates, it's totally understandable that there may be some confusion about how stats work, and what they do. So today, I have a detailed description of what every stat does, and other game concepts!

Main stats:

  • STR (Strength)
    • Increases Melee direct damage done by STR/10, rounded down.
    • Increases damage done by non-critical hits by (STR/10)%.
      • At 200 STR, you will have +20 Melee damage and 20% additional damage on non-critical hits.
  • DEX (Dexterity)
    • Increases Pierce direct damage done by DEX/10, rounded down.
    • Increases damage done to enemies affected by DoT effects (including heal over time effects) by 3(DEX/80)%.
      • At 200 DEX, you will have +20 Pierce damage and 7.5% additional damage to all attacks.
  • INT (Intelligence)
    • Increases Magic direct damage done by INT/10, rounded down.
    • Increases damage done by critical hits by (INT/10)%.
      • At 200 INT, you will have +20 Magic damage, and 20% additional damage on critical hits.
  • CHA (Charisma)
    • Increases Pet and Guest damage by CHA/10, rounded down.
    • Increases the amount of Gold and Exp gained when using Guests by (CHA/10)%.
    • Increases the activation rate and power of various Pet abilities.
      • At 200 CHA, Pets and Guests will do +20 damage per hit, and +20% Exp/Gold earned per Guest.
  • LUK (Luck)
    • Increases Critical Hit rate by LUK/10, rounded down.
    • Increases Melee/Pierce/Magic Avoidance by LUK/20 rounded down.
    • Affects other small things such as Direct Hit rate, and pet dragon skill activation rates.
      • At 200 LUK, you will have an addtional 20 Crit and 10 M/P/M.
  • END (Endurance)
    • Increases maximum HP by END * 5.
    • Increases Immobility resistance by END/5, rounded down.
      • At 200 END, you will have an additional 1000 HP, and 40 Immobility resistance.
  • WIS (Wisdom)
    • Increases maximum MP by WIS * 5.
    • Decreases Health resistance by WIS/20, rounded down.
    • Increases Bonus to Hit by WIS/10, rounded down.
      • At 200 WIS, you will have an additional 1000 MP, -10 Health resistance, and 20 Bonus.

Defense stats:

  • Melee/Pierce/Magic Avoidance (M/P/M)
    • Increases your chance to completely avoid damage and effects from attacks.
  • Block/Parry/Dodge Defense (B/P/D)
    • Increases your chance to convert normal hits into Glancing Blows, which do 10% normal attack damage. Critical Hits bypass this defense.
  • Resistances (Resists)
    • Decreases the amount of damage taken by the specified Element or status effect.
    • Resistances on the player can only reach a maximum of 80 to a specific Element from gear.
    • Resistances on the player can only reach a maximum of 99 total.
    • Special resistances:
      • Health
        • Health resistance reduces the amount of HP that is recovered from healing. Negative Health resistance increases the amount of HP recieved from healing.
      • Immobility
        • Immobility resistance doesn't protect against damage, rather it protects against Immobility effects. When an Immobility effect is applied, you have an (Immobility resist)% chance to resist it.
      • All
        • All resist is just that- resistance to all! This stacks with all other resistances, including Health and Immobility resistance (meaning, it does reduce the amount you heal), and can push them over the 80 from gear maximum.

Offense stats:

  • Dmg (Damage)
    • This is the amount of base damage your attacks will do. Many attacks may modify this damage, either increasing or decreasing, dividing it between multiple hits!
    • In the Character Info screen, Dmg shown includes the additional direct damage from STR/DEX/INT.
  • Element
    • This is the Element of your current weapon. Certain skills may change that element, and some weapons can change element too!
  • Crit
    • This is your Critical Hit rate. Critical Hits are calculated out of 200. This means if you have 100 Crit, you will have a 100/200 (50%) chance to make a Critical Hit!
    • Critical Hit rate is capped from gear at a maximum of 100. This can be exceeded by training LUK or using certain skills or consumables.
    • Critical Hits
      • Critical Hits do a base of 175% of your attack's damage. Some classes have a base of 200%! This amount can be increased by certain skills, as well as training INT. Critical Hits bypass B/P/D defense, but are turned into Glancing Crits as a result (not affected by INT's secondary damage bonus, affected by STR's secondary bonus.)
  • Bonus (Bonus to Hit, BtH)
    • This is your base chance to hit. Your Bonus is compared to your enemy's corresponding M/P/M avoidance and B/P/D defense in order to calculate if you hit or not.
    • First, a number is rolled between 0 and 150 (inclusive). Then, that number is added to your Bonus. If the result is higher than your enemy's M/P/M, then you hit! But you're not safe yet- another number is rolled between 0 and 150 (inclusive), and added to your base Bonus. If that number is less than your enemy's B/P/D, then you'll have a Glancing Blow unless you get lucky with a Critical Hit!
    • For example, let's say you have 50 Bonus, and the enemy has 100 M/P/M and 100 B/P/D.
      • First, a number between 0 and 150 is rolled. 67! Now, we take that and add that to your base bonus of 50 to get 117.
      • Since 117 is greater than the 100 M/P/M of your enemy, you hit!
      • But wait, we have to check against B/P/D too!
      • A second number between 0 and 150 is rolled. Uh oh, we got 1 this time.
      • 50 + 1 is 51, which is lower than your enemy's 100 B/P/D.
      • So the end result is a Glancing Blow... unless you get lucky with a Critical Hit.
    • Direct Hit and Critical Miss
      • If, when checking against M/P/M, the random number rolled is 0, you get a Critical Miss. This means your attack automatically misses, even if your Bonus is naturalyl higher than your enemy's M/P/M.
      • If the roll against M/P/M PLUS the Direct Hit bonus from LUK (LUK/25, rounded down) is 150 or higher, then you get a Direct Hit! Direct Hits always hit, and don't check against B/P/D.
    • Glancing Blow
      • A Glancing Blow results in reduction of 90% of the damage done, and prevents any on hit effects from taking effect.
    • Glancing Crit
      • A Glancing Crit results in normal damage. However, Glancing Crits do not benefit from your own improvements to Critical Hits, or your own effects that occur on Critical Hits. However, they do count as a Critical Hit received by the target.
  • Boost (Power Boost)
    • Boost is a percent increase in damage.
    • For example, if you have 50 Boost, your attacks will do 50% more damage.


  • Guests
    • Guests are allies that you can invite along with you on your quests!
    • Guests may make fights easier because of their HP and damage, but there are some downsides.
      • Until you have 100 CHA, Guests will reduce the amount of Gold and Exp you earn in battle. Above 100 CHA, however, Guests will increase the amount of Gold and Exp you earn in battle!
      • For each guest you bring, enemies will gain 60% more damage.
    • If a guest falls in battle, they will be removed from your party, and will have to be readded after your quest.
  • Immobility
    • Immobility effects come in many shapes and forms.
    • When an enemy or guest is Immobilized, they will not be able to act for the duration of the effect.
    • When the player (that's you!) are Immobilized, you will have a 33% chance to be unable to act for each turn of the duration of the effect.
      • For example, if you've been Immobilized for 3 turns, every turn, you have a 66% chance to be able to use your skills.
  • Pets
    • Whenever you equip a pet while in battle (including unequipping and re-equipping the same pet), it will be Immobilized for its next turn.
    • You can freely swap pets outside of battle, however.

And that's all for today! If you have any more questions about stats or game mechanics, you can check out the DragonFable forums or contact us on Twitter!

Thank you for playing, and we hope you'll enjoy the releases to come!

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