Monday, April 8, 2019

Monday Update, Fixes, and Proposed Changes!

Hey there, heroes!

A few small updates for Monday!

  • Corrupted Doom Epoch
    • Timeshift's tooltip said it used up to 4 momentum. This was a typo. Timeshift's tooltip now properly references the 6 momentum max.
  • Shadowwalker of Time
    • Fixed an issue where the Gears of Time skill did not need to hit to properly apply its effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Legion Crawler could cause the game to lock up if it defeats a character.
  • Fixed an issue in The Exaltia Tower where the "Remove Consumable" effect was not functioning properly.
  • Other misc fixes (redundancy checks, safety catches)

Also, something that I'd like player feedback on!

The combat stat update was a resounding success. However, there are some lingering issues.

Stuns are very powerful, and as a result, Immobility resistance is very powerful. The STR stat, as a result, is a bit over powered compared to INT and DEX. INT is fairly strong due do its offensive capabilities, but DEX has been lagging behind due to being situational.

The proposed changes are as follows:

  • Stuns applied to the player will have a base 50% chance to take effect.
    • This means that when you are Immobilized, you have a 50% chance to be unable to act.
    • Immobility resistance will effect only the initial chance of the effect application. Once the Immobility effect is applied, Immobility resistance will not have an effect on the 50% chance.
    • Immobility effects applied to enemies and guests will still have a base of 100% chance of taking effect.
  • DEX will now additionally reduce the chance of Immobility effects.
    • This is NOT the chance for a stun to apply, this is only after a stun has been applied.
    • DEX will reduce the chance down to a minimum of 10% at 400 DEX.
    • Enemies will also recieve this bonus, however, they will have a minimum of 60% chance at 400 DEX.

These changes are not in game yet, and I would like to hear some feedback about what you think about the proposed changes!


  • Stuns remain the same.
  • DEX loses its Glancing Blow damage reduction effect.
  • DEX gains an effect where per every x points of DEX, a certain amount of Immobility resistance is bypassed.
    • For example (not final numbers), if you have 200 DEX, you would be able to bypass 40 Immobility Resistance.
    • This would stack with any other -Immobility resistance effects, the same way that STR's bonus Immobility resistance stacks.

Do you prefer one proposal over the other? Neither? Parts of both? Let's hear that feedback!

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