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Friday, July 31, 2020

Reimagined: Swamps, Shields, and Fire

Hey there, heroes!

This month's Reimagined release is here! This month, we have new art and organization for the town of Sulen'Eska, and Guardian and Pyromancer revamps.

First up, Sulen'Eska has had an overhaul! Dracelix has created new art for the entire town and the Vind. Head over to check out their new swamp-tree base!

We wanted to Reimagine the quest "Rescue of Elanee" this week as well, but unfortunately, with Dove on break, the quest turned out to require a bit more work than we had hands for. Also, please note that this is not the final update to the town of Sulen'Eska. We have many ideas for additional new dialogues and interactions.

Next, Guardian has been reworked.

Guardian now has a new passive ability: Servant of the Avatars.

Whenever you use an element locked Guardian skill (does not include trinket skills or weapon specials), your next basic attack will receive +75% damage and +50 Bonus, as well as inheriting the element of the empowering attack.

For example, if you use the Energy skill Mega Shock, your next basic attack will be empowered with Energy.

Guardian has also received a bunch of other changes.

  • Guardian Dragon
    • Empowers with Bacon.
    • If foe has >50% Max HP,  gain bonus crit chance.
    • If foe has <50% Max HP, apply +50 health resist for 2 turns.
  • Guardian Rage
    • Now seeks weakness instead of using a random element.
  • Health Drain
    • Empowers with Water.
    • Damage increased by 50%
    • Cooldown reduced to 7, from 9.
  • Mana Drain
    • Empowers with Ice.
    • Damage increased by 50%
    • Now attacks HP instead of MP (although it still recovers MP).
  • Ray of Light
    • Empowers with Light.
    • -Bonus increased to -75, up from -50.
    • Duration of effect reduced to 2 turns.
  • Guardian Shield
    • Avoidance buff increased to 180, up from 125.
  • Breath of Limkragg
    • Empowers with Fire
    • DoT damage increased to 75% base damage up from 50%.
  • Mega Shock
    • Empowers with Energy.
    • Cooldown reduced to 1, from 4.
  • Keen Edge
    • Cooldown reduced to 8, from 12.
  • Guardian Heroes
    • Empowers with Darkness.
  • Decay (Previously Nightbane's Fury)
    • Empowers with Nature.
    • Now applies "Decaying", a -25 All, +25 Health debuff for 3 turns.
  • Vortex
    • Empowers with Wind.
    • Now does two hits of 75% base damage along with previous effects.
  • Awethur's Power
    • Now does 500% base damage even to specific foes that resist it.
    • Cooldown reduced to 7, down from 15.

Those are the Guardian changes! To note, we are aware of some issues with its art, animations, and its weapon special animation. Unfortunately these aren't quite able to be fixed this week.

Finally, Pyro rework changes! Pyromancer was in a fairly decent spot before, but lacked some power. With the stat reworks, it was also odd that it benefitted more from DEX than INT. These changes hope to address that.

  • Magefire Passive
    • A pyromancer always keeps a flame alight. When you start a battle, you'll have the "Healing Magefire" buff on yourself. This will heal you for .75% of your HP each turn.
    • However, a pyromancer controls fire, and can use it to burn their foes. If you use the basic attack button, your Magefire will become "Consuming Magefire" (Or back to Healing Magefire if you already have Consuming Magefire)!
    • Consuming Magefire passively increases the critical hit chance of your Pyromancer skills by 15% per Pyromancer DoT on your foe, up to a maximum of 60% crit chance.
  • Conflagration
    • Pyromancer is now back to being locked to the Fire element. Why? Because it's a Pyromancer
    • However, with enough heat, most things can burst into flame. The "Warmth" skill has been replaced with "Conflagration".
    • When you use Conflagration, you will suffer a -10 All resistance debuff (Note this increases your healing by 10%!), but your Pyromancer skills will use your chosen weapon's element instead of Fire.
    • When this skill is off cooldown, you can use it again to remove the debuff and return to Fire.
    • Each time you use Conflagration you will recover a small amount of HP and MP.
  • Triflame
    • Triflame now no longer applies a 1 turn stun.
    • Triflame now applies a DoT effect.

With these changes, Pyromancer is now very potent with INT, being able to burst foes into flame with critical hits, as well as being able to survive the harshest attempts to blow it out.

As with all reworks and balance changes, feedback is important, and changes are still possible. We'd love to hear your thoughts on these changes!

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