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Friday, May 29, 2020

Book 3: Sulen'Eska Reimagined: Part 1

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we have our monthly Reimagined release for you to enjoy in Part 1 of our deep dive into Sulen'Eska!

So, what's changed?

This week, we've covered the section of Sulen'Eska going from entering the camp to completing the quest: Smoke in the Trees.

The detailed changes are as follows:

  • Lojaali Vero has swapped places with Ogorek.
  • Lojaali Vero is now introduced when you first enter Sulen'Eska. This introduction can be replayed by talking to Lojaali about your first meeting.
  • Lojaali Vero now has more dialogue, and has had old dialogue rewritten.
  • The quest "Border Dungeon" has been removed.
  • Ogorek now has more dialogue, and old dialogue has been rewritten. Elanee as well.
  • Paina Jainen now has more dialogue, and old dialogue has been rewritten.
  • Groft Nyori and Virta Juonet now have more dialogue, and old dialogue has been rewritten.
  • When meeting Kara for the first time, she has a new lengthy introduction dialogue and conversation.
  • Kara also has new dialogue and Talk options.
  • The quests Song on the Wind, Swirl of Colour, and Dancing Breeze have been removed from the main quest line. These will be adjusted and made available again in the future from other members of the Vind as optional quests.
  • The quest Smoke in the Trees has been rewritten. There may be a slight disconnect with the following quest, Rescue of Elanee, until that quest is rewritten as well.
  • The correct path in Smoke in the Trees has been made more clear that it is an option for the player to go.
  • Kara is automatically added as a guest in Smoke in the Trees.

This was our first foray into reworking early Sulen'Eska. We have plans for much more, including more npc rewrites/additions, new configuration/art for Sulen'Eska, and better organization and access for future quests in the main story. Oh, and a continuation of the quest rewrites! We look forward to your feedback, and hope we can make Book 3 much more enjoyable and interesting to play through.

Also this week, we have a couple of updates and bug fixes.

  • The cloth parts of Paladin armor are now color custom.
  • Fixed issues with the quest "Impersonator" where the wrong monsters were showing up and monsters were not scaling.

Finally, next month is DragonFable's anniversary month, which means anniversary celebrations!

Starting at midnight server time on June 1st, daily quests will reward 10 Dragon Coins per day, instead of 3 for the entire month of June.

Later that week, anniversary scythes will return, and we have much more in store for the coming month.

Also, note that this is the last week to get The Tulip's gear from the Book of Lore before it leaves!

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