Friday, January 29, 2021

Reimagined: Specials and DeathKnights!

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we have the release of Version 15.0.00! And with it, the way weapon specials have been reworked, among other updates and changes and fixes!

Previously, weapon specials only worked when a weapon was Shown. With today's update, weapons with special effects can be "slotted" to use their specials regardless of equipped or shown weapons.

Select the weapon you want to use, then click the "Slot Special" button to use the weapon's special.

This works with on attack and on hit type specials.

Now, you can have a weapon equipped for its stats, a weapon shown for its looks, and a weapon slotted for its special effect!

If you don't have a weapon special slotted, then your Shown weapon's special (if it has one) will activate. However, slotted specials take priority over shown weapons. (If you have a special slotted, and a weapon shown, the shown weapon's special will not activate.)

You can also save and load slotted specials using the save/load shown items buttons.

We also have a bunch more big updates as well!

  • A Load Saved Equipment button has been added to the inventory!
    • You can now load your saved equipment whenever you want! Note that restrictions on Artifacts and Trinkets still apply.
  • Dove has added a number of new title/loading backgrounds! They're really fantastic!
  • Various elements now have new sound effects.
  • You can now Show Artifacts in battle.
  • All pets now have (Player Level/2) + 20 10 Bonus when equipped.
  • Guest HP/MP now scale to player level, but do not gain any extra HP/MP from the player's END/WIS.
  • Changed descriptions of the Hamelin Style and Villager Style houses to no longer be misleading.
  • In the Inn at the Edge of Time only, the Hamsterclysm weapon special now applies -10 ??? instead of -100.
  • In the Inn at the Edge of Time only, the Gloom Glaive's special now deals 250% damage.
  • An experimental stepwise EXP bonus has been added. This is experimental, which means if any problems come up, numbers will be adjusted.
    • From levels 10 to 20, EXP is multiplied by 1.25.
    • From levels 20 to 50, EXP is multiplied by 5.
    • From levels 50 and above, EXP is multiplied by 3.
    • These adjustments affect total exp gained (after CHA bonuses and XBoost).
    • Again, if these numbers end up being too crazy, they will be changed.

Annnnd bug fixes (These were all I had time to get to this week :c)!

  • Fixed some errors in the quest completion text of Blood Patrol and The Elite Patrol.
  • Fixed Honey GuardiAnt monsters always walking.
  • The following quests now properly remove guests.
    • InspecZion
    • The Runed Fortress
    • The Elite Patrol
    • Dragonrider Waves
    • Supply Grab (Dragonrider war)
    • The Hatchery
    • Saellah
    • An Uncertain Future
    • On Broken Wings
    • Escape from Espina Rosa
    • DeepVoid
    • The Human Element
    • The Codex
    • An Elegy of Ice and Fire
    • Heroes
    • Coming Home
    • Khvorost
  • The following quests now properly remove your dragon and prevent you from summoning them.
    • Escape from Espina Rosa
    • On Broken Wings
    • An Elegy of Ice and Fire
    • Heroes
  • Fixed a stray Ice elemental in the opening of "Leaving the Nest".
  • Other bugs that I forgot to write down that were fixed! (sorry)

But wait, there's more!

DeathKnight has received two new customization options! Base DeathKnight has been updated, and "Classic" is now an option.

Head over to the Armor Customization room to check out the new options!

Also, Non-DA players can now upgrade their DeathKnight gear to Tarnished versions at the Inn at the Edge of Time.

(The DeathKnight rework is coming soon!)

And that's all for this week. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get the next part of the Book 3 story reimagined this week- we want to do this right, which means that sometimes, jstu reimagining isn't enough- sometimes we have to add new sections to the story in order to help it as a whole. Which isn't quite what we expected when starting this journey, but if we're gonna do it, we're gonna do it right!

As always, thanks for playing and supporting DragonFable!

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