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Friday, March 26, 2021

Reimagined: March 2021

Hey there, heroes!

Despite the unassuming title, we have a wide collection of updates this week!

First of all, if you haven't checked it out yet, the Friendly Contest war has been completed! Check out the epic finale: Reclamation, and make sure to get those Defender Medals before the war becomes inactive.

Now, onto the Reimagined update!

We have four new armor customization options available this week! Two of them use the new Customization Catalyst system. Catalysts are items that are purchased for Dragon Coins. When you have a specific catalyst in your inventory or bank, you'll have access to their corresponding armor customization option! Customization Catalysts cannot be sold once purchased.

This week, we're introducing two Customization Catalysts, available for 250 Dragon Coins each:

  • The Consuming Adept Catalyst unlocks Darkon's Consumed customization options for Kathool Adept armor.
  • The Spectral DeathKnight Catalylst unlocks True Mortal's Spectral customization options for DeathKnight armor.

As always, you can preview the customization pieces in the Armor Customization Room before making your decision.

Master Soulweaver has received the Arcanist customization set, designed by Winnie, and added to DragonFable by Dracelix!

And finally, Color Custom DoomKnight is now available!

Next up, balance changes!

Some class balance adjustments, mostly to Atealan and Dragon base classes:


  • Thorny Shield: Cooldown reduced to 9 turns. Duration increased by 1 turn.
  • Tolm's Wrath: DoT Damage increased to 50%.
  • Preis: Now applies -15 Resist of your weapon's element.
  • Telyts: Now applies +75 Bonus.
  • Mana Break: Now applies +30 Health resist to target, recovers HP equal to 15% max HP. Cooldown increased to 12, MP cost increased to 20.
  • Trip (used to be Kick): Lowers foe's Avd by 100 for 3 turns.


  • Illusion: Cooldown increased to 11 turns.
  • Kick: Now applies +30 Health resist to target.
  • Backstab: Now has an additional +75 Bonus on use.
  • Aimed: Now applies +75 Bonus.
  • Throw: Removed an unintentional hidden +50 Boost.


  • Aimed:Now applies +75 Bonus.
  • Trip: Now applies +30 Health res to target.
  • Combo and Rift Effect now heal per hit based on missing Riftwalker boost, using the formula Missing Boost * .0001 * max HP, with missing boost capped at 25. For example, at Riftwalker boost of 25 and below, and 3000 max HP, each hit will heal for 8 HP each.


  • Amount healed from Toxins doubled.
  • Rapid: Damage per hit increased by 10% base damage.
  • Throw: Damage increased to 175% base damage.
  • Aimed: now provides +75 Bonus
  • Dragon's Heart Toxin: Duration of DoT effect increased to 20 turns.
  • Stealth: Cooldown reduced to 7 turns.
  • Dragon's Soul Toxin: duration increased to 8 turns.
  • Final: Damage increased to 300% base damage.


  • Thorny Shield: cooldown reduced to 7 turns.
  • Dragon's Breath: now reduces enemy Avd by 100. Cooldown reduced to 3, effect duration increased to 6 turns.
  • Final: Damage: increased by 100% Base damage. (225% Base, +25% for each Dragon's effeect).
  • Dragon's Acid, Fire, Ice, Spirit: Cooldowns reduced by 1.

All base classes

  • Kick skills that used to apply Flee resist now apply +30 Health resistance to target.


  • Awethur's Power: Base damage increased to 200%. Cooldown reduced to 3. Now activates enhanced versions of imbued attack boosts. Base damage of unresisted activation reduced to 500% base damage.


  • Underworld Epoch now requires at least 3 momentum to use Final.
  • Underworld Epoch now needs more than 4 momentum after a turn in order to gain a double turn.

And that's all the class changes for this week! Next up, bug fixes and updates!

Updates: Early Void Ship saga has been slightly adjusted, and updates to potion training, and more.

  • Trinkets and on attack specials are no longer affected by your Boost, positive or negative. They can still be boosted by their own effects or, in the case of trinkets, on hit effects.
  • Mana potion and Health potion training can now be skipped (minigame and reagent gathering) at the cost of 250 gold per level (stacking), once the tutorial has been completed.
  • Sir Malifact now has an "About DeathKnight" option, describing the mechanics of the armor.
  • Servant's Hall and Edelia Sewers are now shorter.
  • The Gnomes Gnow has been streamlined and significantly shortened
  • Talking to Tomix in Book 3 Pellow Village will give you the option to head to Book 1 Ravenloss to train Soulweaver.

Bug fixes:

  • Grovetender
    • Fixed a bug where its weakness seeking included All resistance, instead of only Nature resistance.
    • Fixed a bug where its +Bonus activations did nothing.
    • Fixed a bug where its +Bonus and +Crit from having Twigs/Visage equipped did nothing.
  • Fixed a bug where Dragon Blade replica and Light of Destiny replica did not provide +Bonus when used.
  • Fixed the Commemorative Birthday Staff X having the incorrect icon.
  • Fixed the Purple DragonLord Wings III having the incorrect icon.
  • Fixed the Rolith enemy in "Captain Rolith's Revenge" having Stun resistance.
  • Fixed Escelence Defender Blade IV, Escelense Defender Staff IV, and Escelencse Defender Daggers IV having undefined resistance.
  • Fixed various Escelense Dragon Defender Helms and Escelense Dragon Defender Capes having Heal resistance instead of Health.

And, finally, that's all for this week! It's also the final week for the March DC specials shop before it leaves! If you're interested, make sure to check it out.

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