Friday, October 16, 2020

Book 3: Chains of Command, Light and Dark

Hey there, heroes!

This week, this month's Reimagined release is sneaking up early! The main story quest "Facing Z" is now "Chains of Command", and has been rewritten and reworked.

A level 90 version of the reward has also been added, so head over to Kara's past quests in Sulen'Eska to check out the latest reimagining!

Also this week, we have 2 new customizations each for Paladin and Necromancer!

Paladin now has an updated "base" version, as well as the "Risen" and "Ornate" customization options. Necromancer now has "Fallen" and "Lich" customization options! (Yes, the Lich head has expressions!)

To access the "Risen" and "Fallen" options, Deathknight must be fully trained. To access "Ornate" and "Lich" options, the quest "Memory-Demons" in the Darkness Orb saga must be completed.

Head over to the cliffside portal in Falconreach to begin Armor Customizing!

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