Friday, February 23, 2024

Book 2: Reimagined - A Brief Respite

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we return to the Book 2 Reimagined project! With the conclusion of the Rift War, and the sun high in the sky, there's nothing left to do but rest and recover with your new friends... and hear their harrowing tale of escape.

Enjoy A Brief Respite, accessible from Book 2 in the Book of Lore!

Note: If you're having trouble accessing "A Brief Respite", you may need to first go to the Rift War and play "The General's Arrival" and then re-play the Rift War boss fight. There was a bug where you could access the Rift War boss fight without playing The General's Arrival. However, doing so would not progress your quest tracking. Apologies for the inconvenience. The early Rift War boss access issue has been fixed.

Also this week, we have a new catalyst and cosmetic items available!

The Prototype Snugglemech Helm unlocks the Snugglemech and Snugglemech (CC) customization options for the Student class!

The Prototype Snugglemech Helm can be obtained from the Catalysts shop in the Book of Lore!

We also have some new cosmetic items that match the recent Virtuoso Epoch release! These will be available from the Time Shop and the Customization Shop from Cysero's Superstore of Savings!

Speaking of Virtuoso Epoch...

Virtuoso Epoch has been updated! The Virtuoso Epoch widget has been updated with its new style, and (we're working on giving it a new unique final animation)!

Also, Virtuoso and Underworld Epoch skills have been updated!

The primary goal of this update is to make the debuffs from double turns more interactive, while also simplifying the system a bit.

  • Underworld's Call/Song is now a permanent effect.
    • Instead of rotating between the three debuff types, all debuffs will increment each turn now.
    • The debuff amount per turn has been decreased to -1 All/-1 Boost/-2 Avd, down from 3/3/6.
  • Final now consumes all Momentum (minimum 3). For each Momentum consumed, the attack will deal 33% more base damage, and reduce a stack of Underworld's Call/Song.
    • Using Final at 9 Momentum will reduce Underworld's Call/Song by 9 stacks.
  • Final now always grants +60 Defenses, +10 All, and -20 Health, rather than a variable amount based on Momentum thresholds.
  • Timeshift now purges effects before healing, and no longer purges The Death Note buff effect.

On-Demand Specials have also received an adjustment. Changing to a different On-Demand Special will now always use the new Special's charge time, rather than the longer of the two.

This means you can more effectively use a Special with a long cooldown, then swap to a special with a shorter cooldown.

However, when swapping to a different special, the new intiial charge time is not affected by LUK. LUK will only affect recharging the same special without swapping, and initial charge time at the start of battle.

Huge thanks for the testers for helping to collate and test these changes!

This week, there have also been a number of other bug fixes and updates!

  • Fixed a visual bug where swappping to On-Hit specials from On-Demand would not clear the cooldown field of the Special button.
  • Mid-combat attacks (Such as punting Twilly vs Rolith, Carnax allies) will no longer interrupt "combo" attacks.
  • A number of Epoch tooltip and effect description issues have been fixed.
  • Retro Base Classes now have updated tooltips!
  • Student now has updated tooltips!
  • Anything else I may have forgotten!

And that's all for this week! These past couple weeks have been a little light while I've been recovering from COVID, but I'm doing much better now! Back to work!

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