Friday, January 31, 2020

Book 3: Ash Reimagined

Hey there, heroes!

While we have a smaller release this week for you, it's another step forward along the path toward reworking Book 3's main story!

Last time, Maya in Oaklore received a major dialogue overhaul to help new players better find their bearings and provide direction.

This time, Ash Dragonblade in Book 3 Falconreach has been updated! No longer will he be eternally surprised to see you in Falconreach!

Similar to Maya, Ash now has a series of dialogues for the first time you re-meet him. This dialogue better establishes the setting of Falconreach, Ash's own growth, as well as Falconreach's interactions with The Rose.

His dialogue also directs new players to Surewould Forest to find a certain Rose scout, as well as emphatically advising new players to speak to Twilly and the baby dragon!

This new dialogue also has a "Skip" button that double checks if you want to skip the story before taking you to the end of the dialogue. Ash still reminds you about your dragon, however, because that's one thing new players shouldn't miss.

Ash's main dialogue has also been re-organized. Sulen'Eska, Six Heroes, and The Thorns have been moved to more prominent places outside of the Quests button.

  • The Sulen'Eska dialogue now has a restriction of completing "Sands of Eternity".
  • Six Heroes now has a warning if you attempt to play it before completing "Tournament of Champions".
  • The Thorns now has a warning if you attempt to play it before completing "Timelines".
  • The Mighty 100K Scythe shop has been moved to the Black Market Moglin.

Ash has also had some adjustments to his player help responses.

Finally, we have a graphical update for Ash coming soon! (Here's a preview!)

But wait, there's more!

  • The Guardians to the west of Falconreach have had their dialogue adjusted to be more accurate and make more sense.
  • In the quest "Tea for Three", a certain diary has had a couple of pages re-arranged in order to fit the timeline better.
  • In "Tournament of Champions: Part 2", Falwynn's dialogue has been adjusted, as well as Artix's letter. Falwynn no longer tells you to ask Ash for non-existent letters, and instead poitns you toward the Six Heroes storyline.
  • In the quest "Darkheart", the reference to The Magesterium has been removed in order to maintain the timeline.
  • Falwynn's Warm Embrace skill now scales off her own HP.
  • Fixed a typo in the time-out pop up in "Darkheart".
  • Being defeated as Falwynn in "Darkheart" no longer locks your name as Falwynn.
  • Guests can no longer be brought into "Darkheart".
  • Technomancer's Drive Boost recalibration now functions correctly. Previously, it was only resricting the Drive Boost for 1 turn, instead of the intended amount.
  • Fixed a bug where pet dragon cooldowns could carry over between quests.
  • Votes for Science, Magic, and Magiscience have had their undefined resists removed.
  • A save equipped items button has been added to the inventory for Dragon Amulet holders.

And that's all for this week! Oh yeah, the Scythe of the New Dawn will be leaving with next week's release, so pick it up while you can!

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