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Nieboheim Update and Balance Changes!

Hey there, heroes!

A couple of new shops are now available in Nieboheim's Forum!

Check out a new house shop, with new Nieboheim and Pelekoa themed houses and items available!

A new barber shop with a bunch of fancy new hairstyles is also now open. Zbylut might have his peculiarities, but rest assured all hair operations are perfectly safe!

Head over to The Forum of Nieboheim to find these two new shops!

And now for some balance changes!

First up, Necromancer. Necro got hit a little bit too hard by its nerfs and recent balance changes. It's only recieving a couple of small buffs, but it should be something!

  • Fear Ward
    • These changes make Fear Ward more reliable and consistent, while avoiding an overpowered uptime.
      • Applies 180 B/P/D, up from 140.
      • Duration increased to 3 turns, up from 2 turns.
      • Cooldown increased to 6 turns, up from 4 turns.
  • Life Tap
    • Life Tap is now usable more often, and heals slightly more.
      • Heals 15% Max HP total, up from 14% Max HP.
      • Cooldown reduced to 6 turns, down from 9 turns.

Next, we have some big changes to Soulweaver. It had unparalled defense, as well as a large burst and the situational ability to finish off most enemies under 15% health. These changes are intended to make Soulweaver more generalized, boosting offense while reducing some overbearing defensive options.

  • Soul Aegis
    • The uptime on the Avoidance shield was insanely high.
      • Cooldown on BaltAegis increased to 10 turns, up from 6.
      • Cooldown on Base Aegis increased to 5 turns, up from 3.
  • Valour Impact
      • Baltael version Crit bonus on attack increased to 100, up from 50
      • Non Baltael version total damage increased by 50%.
  • Concentration
      • Crit bonus increased to 200, up from 20.
  • Sealing Slash
    • Basically infinite 30% damage reduction was insane.
      • Boost effect reduced to -15, down from -30.
  • Repentance
      • DoT damage increased to 100% weapon damage, up from 33%.
      • Base damage increased by 10% per hit.
      • MP cost increased to 60, up from 40.
  • Purge
      • MP cost increased to 30, up from 15.
  • Soul Slice
    • Soul Slice was a little too powerful against bosses, but not really useful otherwise. These changes bring it more in line with other "instant kill" skills.
      • Threshold for Annihilation increased to 50%, up from 15%
      • Annihilation can only finish off enemies with Max HP less than half of your Max HP
      • If Annihilation fails, now applies Soul Torn, a 300% DoT for one turn.
      • Both Soul Torn and Annihilation now require you to hit your enemy to take effect.
  • Soul Burst
      • Now always tries to apply stun alongside mana burn.
      • Stun effect reduced to 1 turn, down from 2 turns.
      • Cooldown increased to 6 turns, up from 4 turns.
  • Soul Synch
    • BaltSynch previously did not require meditation to use. As a result, Baltael Soulweaver also missed out on the Calm and Inner Peace Boosts, in exchange for a massive burst. With the changes to other offensive skills, BaltSynch no longer needs to be the only burst skill.
      • Removed "I'm here" notification on BaltSynch
      • BaltSynch now requires Meditation/Inner Peace.
      • BaltSynch damage increased by 25% per hit.
      • Normal FullSynch damage increased by 35% per hit.
      • Calm and Inner Peace Boost buff decreased to 20%, down from 30%.

Finally, Master Soulweaver failed to stand apart from Baltael Soulweaver. These following changes attempt to differentiate Master Soulweaver somewhat, although the classes still play fairly similarly.

  • Soul Aegis
    • A more powerful shield than Soulweaver's, but less uptime.
      • Cooldown decreased to 6, down from 8.
      • MP cost increased to 25, up from 15.
  • Valour Impact
    • As Master Soulweaver does not have Concentration, Valour Impact is now a guaranteed crit.
      • Crit bonus on attack increased to 200, up from 50.
      • MP cost increased to 25, up from 20.
  • Meditation
      • MP heal increased to 15% of Max MP, up from 10%.
  • Soul Seal
      • Now requires the attack to hit the enemy to applies effects.
  • Reckoning
      • Damage increased by 7% base damage per hit.
  • Repentance
      • DoT Damage increased to 100%, up from 33%.
      • Damage increased by 10% of base damage per hit.
      • MP cost increased to 60, up from 40.
      • Now requires you to hit the enemy to apply the DoT.
  • Purge
      • MP cost increased to 30, up from 15.
  • Soul Banish
      • Threshold for Soul Banish increased to 50%, up from 15%.
      • Soul Banish can only finish off enemies with Max HP less than half of your Max HP
      • You now have to hit the enemy to apply Soul Banished (including the -Bonus effect)
  • Soul Vacuum
      • Always tries to apply the Boost reduction effect, along with the stun.
  • Remorse
      • Cooldown reduced to 1, down from 3.
      • MP cost increased to 40, up from 25.

That's all for class changes this week! Let us know what you think on the forums and on Twitter. As always, your feedback is valuable!

Epoch now has new art visible when equipping the Corrupted Doom Cassette! Please note that skill changes and effects are not complete yet, and this update is only visual! SKILL CHANGES AND EFFECTS ARE COMING SOON!


Some minor bug fixes and changes:

  • The left button on the Dragon Challenges board now properly loops around.
  • Due to unforseen issues with guests and the Doom Crawler challenges, guests will be removed when fighting the Doom Crawler from the challenge board. This change is not reflected in the A.A.R.G.H. system version of the fight, however. This is a temporary measure until the source of the issue can be investigated.
  • Fixed a few issues where confirmation boxes would have incorrect titles.
  • Fixed ChronoZ's rewind combo not actually removing effects.


That's all for this week! We know it's not as major of a release as some might hope, but we have big plans on the horizon, and this week allowed us to tie up some loose ends (and also recover from the insanity of last week's release!)

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