Friday, September 20, 2019

The Nest: Be Prepared

Hey there, heroes!

This week in DragonFable, we return to The Nest, the orphanage run by The Rose in Greenguard Forest. Last time, you were able to save the children from Siofra, the shape-shifting mage's attack, only for Siofra to obtain his true prize: a medallion of pure dragonbane.

Now, he's vowed revenge for your interference, and it's up to Messimy, Cole, Grace, your dragon, and you to stop him from destroying The Nest! This week, you'll being your preparations, but with Siofra more powerful than ever, will it be enough?

Here's a word from San Robin, who wrote this week's release:
Hello there! San Robin here.
It has been a while, but the next quest of The Nest storyline is up right now!
Last time Siofra stole a powerful artifact and is planning to exact his revenge upon those who stood in his way. Luckily you hurt him pretty bad the last time you met so now you have time to prepare!
Meet up with Messimy to start planning your defenses and to prepare for the final(?) encounter with Siofra!

Head over to The Nest in the Greenguard region of the Book 3 Travel Map to play this week's release: Be Prepared!

Chaosweaver has received yet another update!

  • Obliterate and Soul Shred have had their effects swapped. 
  • Soul Siphon can now be Empowered to cleanse DoT effects on yourself.
  • You can now click on the Spirit Loom on your wrist to show or hide your Soul Claw when out of combat. (This took a LOT of time to get working properly!)

Chaosweaver is now in a satisfactory state- some more small changes may be forthcoming, as well as any bug fixes as necessary, but most skills are where they will be for release.

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