Monday, May 20, 2019

Monday Bug Fixes!

Hey there, heroes!

This Monday, there's a bunch of bug fixes to Arena at the Edge of Time fights, and some classes!

Challenge Arena Fixes:

  • Jack Crescent and Doom Guitar
    • Guitar respawn HP increased to 4x Jack's max HP, up from 2x Jack's max HP.
    • Fixed an issue where certain guitar respawn notifications were unused.
  • Hyperhydra
    • Fixed a bug where Hyperhydras were not applying their blind (-Bonus) effect.
  • The Abomination
    • Fixed a bug where The Abomination's nuke ignored Bonus debuffs.
  • The Antechamber
    • Fixed a bug where Mahanaem did not restart its rotation.
    • Fixed a bug where Yaphael was not properly applying -All to the target in one of its attacks.
  • Spiral of Creation
    • Fixed a bug where Courihem's Warbeast Radiance was not reflecting damage.
  • Caitiff (Challenge Arena version)
    • Fixed a bug where Caitiff's water element follow-up was purging effects on itself rather than its target. This attack will now remove any buffs or debuffs from the target besides Caitiff's own debuffs and Stuffed.
  • Archdryad Maladrys
    • Fixed a bug where Winter's Heartfreeze was incorrectly labeled as Summer's Opression in the effects panel.
  • Unraveler, Extreme Unraveler
    • Fixed a bug where both were not properly applying -Boost on its Screams out to the Void attack.

Class Fixes and Updates:

  • Dragonmage
    • Fixed a bug where Final was not receiving its extra bonus damage.
  • ChronoZ
    • Fixed a bug where its shield combo would not apply on the turn used.
  • Shadowhunter
    • Fixed a bug where its shield combo would not apply on the turn used.
  • Chronomancer
    • Fixed a bug where Tempus Storm did not apply -Boost.
  • Pirate
    • Damage boost when the enemy has negative Bonus increased to 20%, up from 10%.
  • Dread Pirate
    • Skills have been updated to match Pirate's new skills.
  • Kathool Adept
    • Fixed issues where Migraine and Regenerate would cause very strange effect duration changes.


  • The Wrath of Wargoth war from Yolande in Atrea is now locked behind the quest Breaking Crystal.
  • Quest locks have been added to the Calamity Saga finale/Epilogue and Black Winter War to prevent confusion.

Thanks to all the players who are finding and reporting bugs!

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