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Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday the 13th: The Lucky Undead

Hey there, heroes!

This week, it's time for Lucky Day! And it's also Friday the 13th!

Yet somehow... nothing strange has happened. Yet.

It's a beautiful day in Falconreach, perfect for relaxing with your dragon and your old friend Twilly. With no sign of an invasion, maybe this will be a peaceful Friday the 13th after all...

At least, until a certain blue moglin shows up.

What's Zorbak up to this time? Find out in this year's Lucky Day release: The Lucky Undead! This week's quest is available from the Lucky Day Storybook in the Book of Lore.

Underworld Epoch accessories have arrived!

You can purchase the new $9.95 Underworld Acessories Dragon Coin bundle to get 2000 Dragon Coins and 3 accessories: Hourglass of the Dead, Time's Harvest, and Time Reaper's Cowl! (Underworld Epoch armor and Eraglass artifact are not included).

You can also purchase the accessories from Cysero's Orb in Cysero's Superstore (all the way to the left!) for 500 Dragon Coins each.

These accessories can all be upgraded every ten levels at Cysero as well. However, if you upgrade the 500 Dragon Coin versions, their resale value will drop to 0.

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