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Monday, May 4, 2020

May the 4th: Lost Starswords Bonus Special!

Hey there, heroes!

Happy May the 4th! To celebrate, we're releasing a pair of very special items! The Lost Starsword of Doom, and the Lost Starsword of Destiny are now available from the Book of Lore.

These beautiful cosmetic weapons were created by Dracelix and are available for 400 DCs each, but when shown or equipped, have a chance to apply their respective Doom or Destiny DoT on your foe when you use the Attack button (Does not stack with normal Doom or Destiny weapons)!

(30% chance on Attack, 50% base weapon damage DoT for 3 turns)

The Lost Starsword shop will only be available for 2 weeks (leaving with the release on May 15th) so make sure to grab them while you can!

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