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Friday, May 8, 2020

Daily Quests Are Here!

Hey there, heroes!

Unfortunately, Dove had a personal emergency today, and so this week's quest release, the finale for The Nest quest line, has been postponed. We currently do not know if we will be able to release the quest this weekend.

But never fear, we still have a release today! Introducing: Daily Quests!

Starting today, a button has been added to the Book of Lore. The Daily Quest button in the bottom left corner of the Book of Lore will send you on a random quest. Upon completion of the quest, you will earn 3 Dragon Coins!

This bonus can be obtained once per day per character.

Ballyhoo is now no longer accessible. Thank you for your service, Ballyhoo!

Also, the Lost Starswords will be leaving with next week's release!

There's also been a minor update to Book 3's End of Magic storyline.

  • Cinquefoil's "What's next" dialogue has been adjusted to direct the player to Ash in Book 3 Falconreach.
  • Ash's "Sulen'Eska" option has been renamed "The Vind", and Ash will now direct the player to Betrubung Swamp.
  • Ash will now have a ! marker when The Vind option is unlocked. Select The Vind option to get rid of it.
  • Sielu's dialogue has been rewritten, and is no longer needed to make sense of the story.
  • Halda will no longer let players who have not talked to Ash about The Vind pass into Sulen'Eska (unless you've completed the first Sulen'Eska quest already, in which case you can still enter).
  • Halda's dialogue has been changed, referencing Ash instead of Sielu, as well as other minor changes.

That's all for now! Unfortunately, we're unsure if this week's planned quest release will be able to be released this week. Keep an eye on Twitter if you want to stay updated.

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