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Friday, December 21, 2018

Into the Snowpeak Woods!

Hey there, heroes!

As the Snowpeak War presses on, the tide of battle turns! The war has passed the 50% mark and is progressing quickly!

Frostvale has been safely defended, but now it's time to press the attack and take to fight to Frallmar. A new cutscene has been unlocked, a new enemy has been added to the war waves, and new war quests have been unlocked with the war progress!

Forward, into the Snowpeak Woods! Fight your way to Frallmar, and save the children of Frostvale!

While the Snowpeak War is in full effect, we thought some of you creatives out there in the AE community would like to also participate is an art contest! It sure has been a while since we've done one, eh?

The theme for the contest is: Frostval Celebrations!

You can draw/sculpt/sketch anything related to Frostval, whether it be what your hero does during this time of the year, the Moglins or other NPCs of Frostval, or even some beautiful snowy scenery! Or maybe... how some villains celebrate Frostval, when the hero is not trying to foil their plans? It's all up to your imagination!

The contest will last from today, December 18th, up until January 11th.
First place will get 3000 DC!
Second place, 1500 DC!
Third place, 500 DC!

There will also be runner ups and honorable mentions, and those will get 100 DC!

The winning pieces will also be displayed in the Libraseum gallery, in game!

For the entries, please use the hashtag #DragonFableFrostval on twitter. Please also include your character ID on the art piece or within the tweet.

So, take your pencils (pens/styluses/brushes/fingers/toes/noses/eyes/whatever you use to make art) in your hands and start thinking creatively!

Art away!

Also, some fixes/changes!

  • Grove Tender items are no longer destroyable or sellable.
  • Eternal Epoch's Boost and Hex no longer carry across battles.



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