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Saturday, January 11, 2020


Hey there, heroes!

This week, the next quest in Book 3's main story is here! While Swordhaven has been under siege from monsters and elementals emerging from the out-of-control Magesterium rift, The Golden Hand, a pair of Magesters has made their way across the battlefield. As they approach their goal, will they make it in time? Or will Swordhaven be doomed to be buried under endless sand and sun?

Head over to Queen Victoria in Book 3 Swordhaven and go to your Greenguard Alliance war camp to play this week's quest: Daybreak!

Also this week, a bunch of class bugfixes!

  • Ascendant
    • "The Staff" and "Aksal's Light" now correctly count as "hits".
  • ChronoZ
    • Can now use on attack weapon specials.
    • Fixed issue where Dimensional Stab would display incorrect cooldown when using "Kick".
  • Cryptic
    • Fixed turning around in place after using "Mental Assassination".
    • Removed "+180 Defence" pop up from "Illusion".
  • DoomKnight
    • "Corruption" no longer affects the caster when used against Beast/Bug/Fungus/Plant/Avian enemies.
    • "Void Barrier" damage reflection is now reduced by half every hit, but starts at 100% reflect damage, up from 40%.
  • GPS
    • "Overdrive" now properly applies 200 Crit.
    • "Overdrive" animation no longer stalls.
    • "Nanobots" now heals for its proper duration.
  • Icebound Revenant
    • "Fortitude of Frost" description now matches its effect.
    • "Revenant's Curse" and "Icebound Fury" now apply on the turn used.
  • Master Soulweaver
    • Can now use on attack weapon specials.
  • Necromancer (All versions)
    • "Inspire Terror" now correctly decreases the "Shadow Seed" counter.
    • "Shadow Seed" no longer persists between battles.
  • Ninja
    • "Walk Within Shadows" now takes effect on the turn use.
    • Fixed inconsistecies when using "Blurred Vision".
  • Ninja Monkey
    • Now plays an animation when using "Defend".
  • Paladin
    • "Greater Heal"'s description has been updated to reflect that it removes ALL effects.
    • "Greater Heal" now properly purges effects on the turn used.
  • Rogue (All versions)
    • "Smoke" description typo fixed (Defense, used to be Defence).
  • Shadow Hunter
    • "Night Shield" cooldown reduceed to 6, down from 9.
    • "Counterattack" combo duration increased by 1.
  • Soulweaver
    • "Soul Annihilation"/"Soul Torn " DoT now shows a tool tip when affecting a target.

And that's all for this week!

Coming soon: Underworld Epoch's art has been completed! Coding and bug-fixing Epoch is taking a bit longer than expected, but it's coming soon!

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