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Friday, December 13, 2019

Frostval is Here!

Hey there, heroes!

Frostval has arrived, and you've invited Uaanta up to Frostvale to celebrate with the Frost Moglins! With the snow beginning to fall on your journey north, thoughts of warm cocoaberry juice, cuddly moglins, and wondrous gifts drift through your mind.

But then the snow stops. The scenery around you fades. You open your dreaming eyes to see the Avatars before you. Another of the Maleurous has appeared. Seems like this year's Frostval won't be so cheery after all...

This year's Frostval/Friday the 13th event is live! This release is accessible from the Book of Lore.

You must stop this new Maleurous threat and save Frostval before it's too late!

A couple of bugs have also been fixed this week.

  • Fixed a bug where non-DA players could run into not enough gold errors when training stats.
  • Fixed a bug where the Song of the Ateala war would not properly unlock its quests.
  • Fixed a bug where Zardburger+ would not activate an effect. Effect has been changed to +140 Defenses for 3 turns, from +140 Avoidance for 4 turns. (+140 Defenses was the intended effect, Avoidance was a typo in the descriptions.)

As always, you can contact us with any bugs, issues, or feedback you may have. We might not respond to all of it, but it helps us work on making DragonFable better and better.

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