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Friday, December 28, 2018

Frallmar's Lair!

Hey there, heroes!

The war is over, and you've all done so well! You managed to complete the war before we were ready with the final quest, and today, that quest is here.

The finale of The Snowpeak War is now available!

The waves of creatures and elementals have been destroyed, and all that remains is to take down Frallmar itself. Frallmar: the ancient, gargantuan, legendary foe of the Frost Moglins. Should be no problem, right?

You can choose to fight Frallmar on the back of your titan dragon, or on foot!

Will you be able to save the children of Frostval? Will you be able to put an end to the terror of the Frost moglins, and stop Frallmar? Or will you be frozen in your tracks?

The 2018 presents are also now available to be exchanged! You can swap your presents for Ancient Frost Moglin weapons. These powerful weapons have a chance on hit to lower the amount of healing your foe can do.

As a reminder, the DragonFable Frostval art contest comes to a close on Jan 11th!

Don't miss your chance to submit your own original Frostval themed art to win Dragon Coins and a place in the Libraseum in-game!

The Frostval Storybook will also be leaving for another year on January 11th, so get your loot and quests done while you still can!
Note: When the Frostval book returns, you will still be able to find and upgrade presents, but you wil no longer be able to earn defender medals from the war.
The Cocoaberry Juice food item will also become permanently available from Ruby the Adventure Chef once the book leaves.

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