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Timeworn Cat
September 28, 2018

Rebuilding and Epochs

Hey there, heroes!

Falconreach is finally rebuilt!

Take a stroll (especially at night!) and enjoy your sturdier, more secure home away from home! All thanks to the hard working citizens of Falconreach! (and thanks to the Rose and their supplies)

The necromancers have also finished up the cemetery!

I didn't get a chance to FINISH up the cemetery, so no epitaphs yet.

If you find out any bugs in the new, rebuilt Falconreach, please let us know! There was a LOT of things to link up (FR is the BIGGEST town in the game), so some things might have gotten... mixed up!

We're also proud to announce DragonLord testing of the Epoch class!

This is a very unique class with a an intense brawling yet strategical playstyle.

Gain and use Epoch's special resource, Momentum, in order to increase the power of your skills for insane combos.

Now for an overview of this version of Epoch's skills:


  • Attack
    • A basic, low damage attack.
    • Generates 2 Momentum.
  • Epoch Boost
    • Buffs your stats for 10 turns.
    • 1st use: Epoch Power Boost: Buffs your Boost by 10
    • 2nd use: Epoch Defense Boost: Buffs Avoidance by 50
    • 3rd use: Epoch Aim Boost: Buffs Bonus by 40
    • 4th use: Epoch Health Boost: Applies a healing over time effect = 3% of your max HP
    • Generates 1 Momentum.
  • Ultra Boost
    • Empowers any boosts that you have applied to yourself, but maintains duration.
    • Epoch Power Boost:  10 -> 60
    • Epoch Defense Boost: 50->150
    • Epoch Aim Boost: 40->100
    • Epoch Health Boost: 3% -> 7.5%
    • Generates 1 Momentum.
  • Fade
    • Emergency shielding for 1 turn.
    • +200 Avoidance for 1 turn.
    • Does not use or generate Momentum.
  • Laser Blades
    • Does damage and applies a DoT effect to the target.
    • DoT effect is half of your normal damage.
    • Generates 1 Momentum.
  • Laser Slice
    • Consumes up to 3 Momentum to do damage and decrease enemy All resistance.
    • Using this skill with no Momentum will decrease enemy All resistance by 10.
    • Consuming 1 Momentum decreases enemy All resistance by 20.
    • Consuming 2 Momentum decreases enemy All resistance by 40.
    • Consuming 3 Momentum decreases enemy All resistance by 60.
  • Punch
    • Consumes up to 3 Momentum to do damage and stun your target.
    • Using this skill with no Momentum will stun the enemy for 1 turn.
    • Each additional Momentum consumed, up to 3, will add a turn of duration for the stun, up to 4 turns (3 Momentum consumed).
  • Chargeburst
    • Basic multi attack.
    • Generates 1 Momentum.
  • Epoch Hex
    • Debuffs foe's stats.
    • 1st use: Epoch Power Hex: Reduce enemy Boost by 10
    • 2nd use: Epoch Defense Hex: Reduce enemy Avoidance by 50
    • 3rd use: Epoch Aim Hex: Reduce enemy Bonus by 60
    • Generates 1 Momentum.
  • Ultra Hex
    • Concentrate your Epoch Hexes and increase their potency, but maintaining their duration.
    • Epoch Power Hex -10 -> -33
    • Epoch Defense Hex: -50 -> -100
    • Epoch Aim Hex: -60 -> -100
    • Generates 1 Momentum
  • Timeshift
    • Consume all of your momentum to give yourself double turns equal to the amount of momentum consumed.
    • For example, consuming 9 Momentum will give you 9 turns of double turns.
  • Combo
    • Your basic damage combo.
    • Available after a successful hit on the enemy.
    • If you break the combo (by not using the skill in consecutive turns), it will go on cooldown.
    • The combo will also go on cooldown when completed.
    • Generates 1 Momentum
  • Pierce
    • Consumes up to 3 Momentum to do damage and increase enemy health resistance
    • Using this skill with no Momentum will increase enemy health resistance by 10.
    • Consuming 1 Momentum increases enemy health resistance by 20.
    • Consuming 2 Momentum increases enemy health resistance by 40.
    • Consuming 3 Momentum increases enemy health resistance by 60.
  • Gunburst
    • Consumes up to 3 Momentum to do damage
    • Using this skill with no Momentum will do one hit of damage.
    • For each Momentum consumed, this attack will fire off a short volley, culminating in a final larger hit.
  • Final
    • Consumes all momentum for a massive guaranteed critical attack.
    • Does mediocre damage if Momentum is low.
    • High amounts of Momentum will do major damage.
  • Potions
    • Along with normal potion effects, potions will provide 3 Momentum when consumed.

And that's just base Epoch!

If you equip the Eternal Locket Artifact:

  • New, super rad artwork!
  • An awesome way to hover around!
  • Maximum momentum increases from 9 to 12.
  • And, although this is not implemented yet, Eternal Epoch will have access to another, additional, Boost and Hex.

The Epoch class will be available from all HeroMart calendars from 2018 onward- the Eternal Locket Artifact, however, will only be available from the 2018 HeroMart Calendar. Future HeroMart Calendars will come with new Artifacts for the Epoch class, changing art and mechanics in different ways.


  • Fixed Male Epoch doing a gun attack before burst when using Gunburst at 0 Momentum.
  • Fixed issues where Boost and Hex were not giving double turns with Timeshift
  • Empowered Defense has been reduced to 100 Avoidance down from 150.
  • Empowered Power has been reduced to 50 Boost down from 60.
  • The stun from Punch now functions as described above.

Have feedback about Epoch? Discovered something neat in the rebuilt Falconreach?

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