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Friday, September 13, 2019

Maleurous: Part II and Chaosweaver Testing

Hey there, heroes!

This week... it's Friday the 13th! Previously, the Avatars of the Elements summoned you and a foreign hero named Uaanta to their presence. There, they decalred the both of you as their Champions, and warned you of the impending threat of the Maleurous: a group of mysterious individuals who the Avatars declare must be stopped at all costs. Last Friday the 13th, Oaklore came under attack by the armies of the first of these beings, Sinnocence, who appeared to be suffering under the conflicting influence of Doom and Destiny weapon spirits!

Now, some time has passed, and Friday the 13th has come around once more. The threat of the Maleurous grows ever closer...

Head over to Uaanta in Book 3 Falconreach to play this week's release: Ex Somniis Fabula!

Also this week, the September Dragon Coin weapon is now available!

The Sunken Plunderer will only be available for the month of September! This unique scythe has a chance on hit to give you 50 more gold per battle.

Chaosweaver is now available for testing from the Book of Lore!

If you have a Dragon Amulet, you are now able to temporarily access the Chaosweaver armor from the Book of Lore.

As this is a testing session, all skills and mechanics are subject to change. The resource bar graphic is also a temporary placeholder. The resource bar will remain empty, as Chaosweaver no longer uses Soul Threads.

Chaosweaver Skills:

  • Attack
    • 2 hits of 62.5% base damage each.
    • Can use on-attack specials.
  • Soul Aegis
    • Resists death (can only be killed by DoTs, halve all fatal damage) for 2 turns.
    • 8 turn cooldown.
  • Soul Slice
    • 2 hits of 100% base damage each.
    • Applies Soul Hunter to self. +50 Crit for 3 turns.
    • 4 turn cooldown.
  • Hexing Wheel
    • 8 hits of 25% base damage each.
    • Reduce skill cooldowns by 1.
    • 3 turn cooldown.
  • Soul Assault
    • 12 hits adding up to 175% base damage.
    • Damage is increased by your missing health percent, to a maximum of (175 + 327)%
    • 3 turn cooldown.
  • Soul Gambit
    • Increases Bonus by 200 for the next 4 turns.
    • Increases Boost by 200 for the next 4 turns.
    • Reduces your All resist by 200 for 8 turns.
  • Obliterate
    • 1 hit of 150% base damage.
    • Stuns for 1 turn.
    • 14 turn cooldown.
  • Soul Siphon
    • 2 hits of 75% base damage each.
    • Heals based on damage dealt, and your remaining health percent.
    • Heal more if you has less health.
    • 9 turn cooldown.
  • Aggression
    • 8 hits adding up to 225% base damage each.
    • Applies a 50% base damage DoT for 3 turns.
    • 4 turn cooldown.
  • Rebuke
    • 3 hits of 20% base damage each.
    • Each effect on you increases the damage of each hit by 20% base damage, up to a maximum of 240% base damage per hit. (12 effects).
    • 3 turn cooldown.
  • Soul Shred
    • 7 hits adding up to 100% base damage.
    • May apply Soul Annihilation depending on foe's max HP and current health percent (Follows the same rules as Soulweaver's Soul Annihilation).
    • Applies a 300% DoT for 1 turn if Soul Annihilation fails.
    • 7 turn cooldown.
  • Soul Rip
    • 1 hit of 125% base damage to all foes.
    • Applies a 3 turn stun, spread across all foes. (For example, if there are three enemies, each enemy will be stunned for 1 turn if hit. If there is one enemy, it will be stunned for 3 turns if hit.)
    • 19 turn cooldown.
  • Vengeance
    • 19 hits adding up to 200% base damage.
    • Reduce enemy Boost by 50 for 4 turns.
    • 9 turn cooldown.
  • Dominance
    • 1 hit of 160% base damage to all foes.
    • 3 turn cooldown.
  • Untangle
    • 5 hits of 60% base damage each.
    • Built in 200 Crit.
    • 20 turn cooldown.

Chaosweaver is intended to be an extremely offense based class. Its defensive options are costly and require planning to use well. Proper timing of Soul Gambit is important as to not leave you open to getting destroyed in retaliation. That said, there are some strong defensive combos that can be pulled off with proper use of Untangle. The Soul Thread mechanic has been removed in favor or a more natural playstyle. Chaosweaver is all about living on the edge- dealing damage, and taking it too! We look forward to your feedback!

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