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May 07, 2018

Engine Update: 14.2.43

Hey there, Heroes!

Quick Monday update:

Engine Version 14.2.43:

  • DEX now reduces Glancing Blow damage by a little more- DEX/1500 up from DEX/2000.
  • Glancing Blows no longer count as hits for skills or attacks that depend on previous attacks landing.
  • You can no longer kidnap your Ash character as a guest from interacting with Ash in Falconreach.
  • Weakness seeking abilities no longer seek Health, Immobility, Shrink, etc, as damage types.
    • This fix is still a bit of a work in progress.
  • Other misc. fixes.

Also, since we have just finished a pretty major update on stats, a review of what stats do!

  • STR
    • Increases damage done by Melee weapons and skills by Stat Damage: STR/10.
    • Increases Immobility resist by STR/5.
    • Increases Stat Damage done by all damage types by (STR/500)%, multiplicative.
      • For example, if you have 100 STR and 200 DEX and use a Pierce skill, you will do 20 Stat damage from 200 DEX, multiplied by 1.2 from 100 STR, for a total of 24 bonus Pierce damage.
  • DEX
    • Increases damage done by Pierce weapons and skills by Stat Damage: DEX/10.
    • Decreases damage taken from Glancing Blows by (DEX/1500)%, additive.
      • For example, you normally take 25% of incoming damage from a Glancing Blow. if you have 200 DEX, you will take 25% - ~13% of the damage: ~12% damage from the Glancing Blow instead of 25%.
    • Increases damage done by skill DoTs by DEX/10 damage (Not applied to weapon DoT effects, or lifesteal DoT effects).
      • For example, if you have 200 DEX, every single one of your skill DoTs will do 20 more damage per turn.
  • INT
    • Increases damage done by Magic weapons and skills by Stat Damage: INT/10.
    • Increases Bonus to Hit by INT/10.
    • Increases Critical Hit damage by (INT/1000)%, additive.
      • For example, Your crits will do 1.75x damage under normal circumstances. But if you have 200 INT, that same crit will do 1.75x + .2x for a total of 1.95x damage instead.
  • LUK
    • Increases your Melee/Pierce/Magic defenses by LUK/25 points.
    • Increases your Direct Hit chance by LUK/25 points.
      • A Direct Hit bypasses all defenses and avoidance regardless of Bonus.
    • Increases your Critical Hit rate by LUK/10 points.
    • Affects other small things such as rolls in some minigames.
  • CHA
    • Increases Guest and Pet damage by CHA/10.
    • Increases Gold and Exp rewards when using Guests by (CHA/10)% per guest.
      • Guests normally reduce Exp and Gold rewarded by 10% per guest. At 100 CHA, you will break even, and over 100 CHA, you will earn more Exp and Gold!
  • END
    • Increases your Hit Points by END * 5.
      • If you have 200 END, you will get 1000 more hit points!
  • WIS
    • Increases your Mana Points by WIS * 5.
    • Increases incoming healing and mana recovery by (WIS/20)%.
      • For example, if you have a skill that heals 100 HP, and 200 WIS, that skill will heal 110 HP instead.

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