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Friday, May 1, 2020

Displaced Fates Part 2: Tainted Time

Hey there, heroes!

This week in DragonFable, we have our monthly arena challenge release. The Displaced Fates board has been updated with its newest challenge: Tainted Time!

Face off against Doctor When, the Arbiter of Time, and the Twice Corrupted En & Tropy! If you manage to defeat them both, you'll earn a usable version of Doctor When's Psionic Ratchet. If you can defeat all three foes at once in the Tainted Time challenge, you will be able to upgrade your Psionic Ratchet to higher levels.

Think you have what it takes? Or will you be crushed in a time loop over and over again?

Click on the black vortex in the sky of Falconreach to visit the Inn at the Edge of Time and find out!

Also this week, following from last week's reimagined release, the Cinquefoil Sandsea quest "Face of Death" has received its music and new animations.

Also, the Necrotic Sword of Doom is now allowed in the Arena at the Edge of Time, but its special ability's damage is reduced greatly when inside the Arena area.

Finally, this is the final week to watch ads from Ballyhoo! While we appreciate all that she's done for us over the years when distributing Dragon Coins and gold and playing ads, it's about time she's moved on to other prospects. Next week we'll introduce a new method of earning free daily Dragon Coins as we bid ad viewing farewell.

This month's Dragon Coin special has arrived! The Tulip's Cowl and Cloak are now available for the month of May!

These pink counterparts to the Blue Dahlia set come with color customizable trim, and are as mysteriously beautiful as their legendary owner was!

If you're interested, make sure to pick them up before they leave!

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