Sunday, May 3, 2020

Recent Dragon Coin and Gold/Exp Issues

Hey everyone.

This is a heads up about a couple issues that have since been resolved.

On Friday, we implementated support for a new daily reward system that was supposed to reward Dragon Coins for completing specific quests once per day (which was not supposed to be active yet). However, there were a couple of bugs with this system that have since been fixed.

  • Bug 1: Instead of certain quests rewarding Dragon Coins daily, EVERY quest was rewarding Dragon Coins EVERY time. These Dragon Coins would only appear after you logged in again on the affected characters.
  • Solution: Captain Rhubarb has fixed the bug and removed any extra Dragon Coins except 10 (as if you'd completed the daily quest on Friday and Saturday).

Note: This daily reward system is NOT completely set up yet. No quests will be providing Dragon Coins until it is. (But, spoilers, it involves a daily quest reward system). I also want to stress that these numbers are not final, and may be subjet to change.

  • Bug 2: Daily earned gold and experience were not reset with Saturday's daily rollover. This meant that any earned exp/gold from Friday carried over to Saturday. Some players therefore hit the daily gold/exp cap on Saturday early, or were unable to play at all.
  • Solution: Captain Rhubarb has fixed the bug and reset the daily gold/exp cap for affected players.

We apologize for any inconvenience that has resulted from these changes.

Thank you for playing and supporting DragonFable, and we hope you look forward to the new daily Dragon Coin reward system, coming this week (as long as nothing breaks!).

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