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June 29, 2018

Cana the Barberian!

Hey there, heroes!

This month's Reimagined release is here, and it's... very hairy!

We have added OVER 30 new haircuts to the game!!!

You can find them in the Inn at the Edge of Time. A door has opened upstairs, as Cana the Barberian is ready to give you the hair you ALWAYS wanted... but were afraid to ask for! Keep in mind, Cana is very picky about her clientelle- she only provides her services to Dragon Amulet holders!

Cana also will allow you to change your hair and skin colors using hex code input!

I have also updated some more classes (I think... that'd be all of them now?) with new face models, so that you can enjoy these new haircuts as they should be enjoyed!

Make sure to share pictures of your new fashion with us on twitter!

Hey there, Heroes!

Verlyrus here with some bugfixes and updates!


  • Crystalline Staff (All Levels), now properly do Magic damage instead of Melee.
  • Avatar of Time's Temporal Reset no longer messes with pet damage values.
  • Cuddles in the quest Mission Improbable no longer does undefined damage with its DoT.
  • Treasure Golems no longer do Wood Damage.
  • Made it easier to enter the front door of the Inn at the Edge of Time without hitting the Challenge Board.
  • Male Gnome Wig and Female Gnome Wig now properly require Dragon Amulets to use.


  • Black Market Moglin's items have been upgraded to level 90.
  • All of them.
  • Except for the Obsidian Dragonblade.

Still investigating:

  • Dragon Mage projectiles sticking. This is a super weird issue. Still can't find the cause, although I have a couple leads.
  • Can't save house item equips on the Artix Games Launcher version of the game. Another very odd bug. But it's known!

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June 24, 2018

Very Hairy Question!

Hey guys, Dove here!
I have a question for you... just a simple, innocent, little question.

If your hero could have some of the hairstyles that are unique to DragonFable characters/NPC, which haircuts would you like to get?

Just asking, no ulterior motives! I absolutely have nothing planned!

Please let me know on the forums!

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June 22, 2018

Creepy Crawlies

Good Friday everyone!

Tomix and Verly have been working on some other projects over the past few days. Some progress has been done on Epoch’s animations!

This week, you’ll be going back to Grandiflora to give him another hand looking for his missing soldiers. You haven’t had any luck on the northern side of the Branden Quarter so now you will try by the south. Be careful though! Lots of icky, creeper crawlies are to be had so thread carefully and make sure not to get swarmed by the many-legged while on your search. Good luck and don’t forget to take some down time after your excursion! Grandiflora doesn’t mind having a little chat.

Cheers and happy questing

Hey there, Heroes!

Verlyrus here- This week, I've been spending time tracking down bugs and preparing DragonFable for the Artix Games Launcher! The Artix Games Launcher is a project that I am personally very excited for- it will allow you to play DragonFable and other AE games without using a web browser!

Read more about it and download the Alpha Test (May be buggy!) here.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed: Weakness seeking now properly ignores non-damage resistances

  • Weakness seekign skills used to target Health and Immobility resistances. My quick fix unfortunately made it so that if an enemy had All resistance > lowest resistance, listed after their lowest resistance, it would target the All resistance and do untyped damage. This has been fixed. All resistance is no longer considered in weakness seeking.

Fixed: Dragon Mage's Dragon Fire now counts toward Dragon's Tempest.

Fixed: Ruby now only sells her food to heroes with Dragon Amulets.

  • Ruby's food was only usable by DragonLords. However, other than Hardtack and Seaweed, it was still purchasable by all players. As the food is only usable by DragonLords, all of Ruby's food can now only be bought if you have a Dragon Amulet.

Fixed: Improved Character Loading

  • For a while now, there has been an issue with some of the loading when loading a character in the game. Sometimes, players may have encountered a greyed out screen that prevented them from interacting with anything. This has been resolved, and should no longer appear.

Fixed: Decadere Eldest no longer has NaN resistance

Fixed: Skull Crusher Blaster now does proper damage and has had bugged non-applying effects removed.

Fixed: The DragonFable Friends trinket has had its damage reduced by 66%. It was simply way too powerful, and if left alone, would have skewed balance very poorly toward it being a rare item.

Fixed: Manaphages have had their damage reduced significantly.

Known issues:

Character pages are currently not functioning correctly. Saved Dragon and Player colors are not loading properly. The cause and fix are known, but may take some time to be resolved. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

Dragon Mage projectiles stick on close enemies. This bug is very odd, and I am still not entirely sure of the cause, or a fix for it. I am still working on this, though.


There's only one week left to pick up an Anniversary Scythe, and to also purchase Dragon Coins and recieve 50% more free! Get them while you can!

Join us on the forums to discuss this week's release, And all things DragonFable!

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June 15, 2018

DragonFable's 12th Anniversary Month Part 3!

Hey there, Heroes!

In this final week of celebration for DragonFable's 12th Anniversary, we have a big release!

First of all, we have the next chapter in The Thorns storyline-

The Thorn, a mysterious extremist group within the Rose has been awakening ancient technology and lost magics in the countryside. Led by the enigmatic Theano, a cruel warrior of the Rose, they attacked Willowshire's Guardian Tower and stole a shard of the Ultimate Orb. During that attack, you met Belle, a Soulweaver and spy who was somehow able to survive the mana-draining powers of the Thorn's ancient manaphage technology. You brought Belle to Warlic to see if you could learn anything about her abilities... which resulted in Warlic taking her on as a student.

This week, we're delving into Theano's backstory, and learning about his origins and his goals.
Head over to Ash in Book 3 Falconreach to continue the story!

I'm also pleased to announce the return of the Doomed Dragon Scythe of Elementals! Available from now until the end of June, this fantastic weapon allows you to choose what element you wish to use in battle.

A new 8 element scythe is also now available until the end of June! With art created by Dracelix, the Ancient Dragon Scythe of the Elements is another new addition to the multi-element scythe collection! Featuring a sleeker design and a transforming blade, don't let this amazing weapon pass you by!

Both the Doomed Dragon Scythe and the Ancient Dragon Scythe are available for 5000 Dragon Coins, with a 500 Dragon Coin version available for Dragon Amulet holders.

But wait, there's more!

The level cap has been increased to 90!

Get your levelling pants on, everyone, the level cap has been increased by 5 more levels! Level 90 is a huge milestone for the game- and will bring with it greater and shinier rewards!

DoomKnight items have been levelled up as well as the Doomed Dragon Scythe of Elementals. The Ancient Dragon Scythe of the Elements is also available at level 90. Other upgradable items will gradually have upgrades added as time goes on.

Happy questing!

And also:

Announcing a new player contest!

The DragonFable Screenshot contest is now live, running from now until Wednesday, June 20th at 10 AM EST!

Take a screenshot and add captions!

With a grand prize of 1000 Artix Points, and possible other runner up prizes, get those creative juices flowing!

Read the rules, details, and how to enter by clicking this link!

Join us on the forums to discuss the many years of DragonFable, this week's releases, and more!

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June 08, 2018

DragonFable's 12 Anniversary Month Part 2!

Hey there, Heroes!

This week, we're releasing the next part of this year's 12th Anniversary celebrations!

Presenting: Dragon Fashion!

Dragon Fashion

Bk3 Sunbreeze Grove has received a light makeover.

Dove has arrived and will now let you equip your Kid Dragon with a variety of hats and back items!

Choose from 49 different hat options and 13 different back item options for your Kid Dragon!

Not only that, but we may also add more options to unlock or purchase in the future!

Dragon accessories are aesthetic only- they do not provide any stats or boosts to your dragon other than visually.

Dragon Accessories can only be equipped to Kid Dragons- which means they are Dragon Amulet only, too!

To help grow your dragon, Elysia's menu has had some improvements. Primal Dragon training is now available from Grow Dragon after you have grown your dragon to Toddler size. Primal Dragon training now also has a button that lets you check what you are missing in order to grow your dragon to Kid size.

To clarify, because growing your dragon has been a bit confusing in the past:

In order to grow your dragon, first, you require a Dragon Amulet. Then:

Baby -> Toddler:

  • Available in Book 1, 2, and 3.
  • Costs 10,000 gold to grow.
  • Allows the summoning of your dragon as a guest.

Toddler -> Kid:

  • Available in Book 3.
  • You have to Primalize your dragon, which involves completing the Fire, Water, and Earth Orb chapters in Book 1, and then complete their associated quests from Elysia in Book 3.
  • Provides a boost to your dragon's damage, and allows you to equip accessories!

Head over to Bk3 Sunbreeze Grove either from the Bk3 Travel Map (Map->Fairglade->Sunbreeze Grove), or clicking the button in the Quest Log!

Note: If you do not see any of these changes reflected in your game, you may have to clear your cache.

That's not all we have for this release though-

Dragon customization has received a small makeover.

  • You now have the option to use hex codes for dragon colors!

Dragon Mage has received another update.

  • Dragon's Tempest now provides 10 Boost per stack.
  • Final does additional damage per stack of Dragon's Tempest.

Other various bug fixes.

Coming next week:

Something special for all players, DragonLords, and free players! What could it be? (I promise it's not fashion related!)

Join us on the forums to discuss the many years of DragonFable, this week's release, and more!

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June 03, 2018

Update to Dragon Mage

Hey there, Heroes!

An update to Dragon Mage is now live.

Dragon Mage

  • Duration of Acid, Fire, Ice, Wind, and Energy have been extended by 1.
  • Fixed Ice crashing the game when used on the first turn of combat.
  • Fixed Fire's boost not counting toward Tempest.
  • Dragon's Tempest now gives +25 Crit per stack, up from +20.
  • Ice now reduces enemy boost by 30, up from 20.
  • Power now increases Boost by 25, up from 20. (Tooltip still says 20, to be fixed.)
  • Acid now reduces enemy All resist by 50, up from 25.

Dragon Mage felt a bit left out from the changes- Partly because Ascendant is so powerful, a slightly weaker middle tier is fine, balance wise. However, it struggled to have its own identity as a crit machine due to the relatively low durations compared to effect from Tempest.

These changes are intended to emphasize the Tempest aspect of Dragon Mage- and power it up a bit more than where it was compared to Dragon Rogue and Dragon Warrior.

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June 02, 2018

Weekend Fixes: Small Update 14.2.48

Hey there, heroes!

Some small bugfixes and adjustments! Yay!

Dragon Warrior:

  • Dragon's Frenzy now applies -60 All to yourself, up from -50 All.
    • Frenzy was a little bit too good when combined with certain trinket skills. This makes it just a tiny smidgeon riskier to use.

Dragon Mage:

  • Acid now properly applies -25 All, instead of just -25 Fire.

Dragon Rogue:

  • Stealth now properly applies Avoidance (BPD) instead of Defense (MPM).

Engine v. 14.2.48

  • Update to the way certain things are processed, in anticipation of future updates.

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June 01, 2018

DragonFable's 12th Anniversary Month!

Hey there, Heroes!

It's DragonFable's 12th Anniversary! Hurray!

And that means... A month of Dragon related awesomeness!

This first week, a special treat for all the current and future Dragonlords who have supported us for all these years-

The Dragon base classes have been totally reworked!


Dracelix has redone the art for the Dragon classes, and I've done a massive overhaul of each one.

Dragon Warrior:

Channeling the raw fury and power of dragons, the Dragon Warrior has the ability to sacrifice resistances and critical hit rate in order to unleash incredible amounts of damage!

Risky to play, but very rewarding.

The Dragon Warrior has a 3rd part of the double/triple combo that warriors know and love- Unleash!

This attack does 6 hits of damage to your opponent!

Dragon Warrior's class ability is Dragon's Fury: Using Dragon's Onslaught and Dragon's Frenzy gives you an adidtional +100 Boost while both are active. Destroy all before you!

Dragon Rogue:

The Dragon Rogue takes a more subtle approach to combat. Armed with a variety of Dragon extracted toxins, the Dragon Rogue applies DoTs while being a defensive bastion at the same time.

The Dragon Rogue has access to 4 Toxins, applied when you use defensive skills. These DoTs will also steal some health for you when you attack an enemy afflicted by them.

Sneak around in the shadows, drain the life from your enemies, and finish them off with a surprise attack!

Dragon Mage:

The Dragon Mage is a master of the elements, using the power of the Dragons to weave a storm of chaos.

As you buff yourself and debuff enemies, the storm picks up, and the Dragon Mage uses the Dragon's Tempest to great effect.

As you build up your tempest, you gain additional critical hit chance against your target (up to +100 crit, 50% crit chance)! Strike while your foe is down!.

These classes are only available to Dragon Amulet holders!

You can find these classes either in the house Armor Closet, or from the Dragonsgrasp trainers!

This is only the first of many things to come this month!

We hope you'll join us for this month of awesome festivities!

Join us on the forums to discuss the many years of DragonFable, this week's release, and more!

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