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Friday, April 19, 2019

Coming Home

Hey there, heroes!

Last time in the main story, you managed to make your daring escape form the city of Nieboheim with the aid of the dashing Chaosweaver, Khvorost. This week, it's time to head home to the Land of Dragons. Back to Falconreach, back to Sulen'Eska, back to the Rose... and who knows what else?

But first there's the tiny matter of you falling from a great height outside of Nieboheim. How will you survive this predicament?

Head over to Nieboheim to play the next chapter of the Book 3 main story: Coming Home!

It's Grenwog season!

This year, the Grenwog has stolen a clutch of extremely rare and valuable eggs and tossed them all into the Pale Sea! Why would the Grenwog do such a thing?

Well, the Grenwog is nowhere to be found, but those eggs need rescuing! Until the end of April, every quest in the Pale Sea has a chance to drop Ostara's Eggs!

You can use Ostara's Eggs to exchange for amazing rewards created by Dracelix including the beautiful Ostara's Cull scythe!

If you're lucky, you may even find Ostara's Golden Egg! You can exchange Ostara's Golden Egg and some Ostara's Eggs to obtain the Ostara's Dracobunny pet!

Ostara's Dracobunny has a chance to apply a DoT, and its damage scales with your level!

What are you waiting for? Go save those eggs before they're lost forever!

Combat Updates

  • Guests now increase enemy damage by 60% per guest, up from 50% per guest.
    • Guests were slightly too powerful after the recent changes. After going through many, many options, (target player only, set target order, pseudo random targetting, pseudo random comboing, etc) it was decided that keeping the random targetting is currently the best choice. However, to compensate for the incredible amount of survivability and power that brigning guests gives you (especially with the removal of random turn order), the damage of enemies when using guests has increased. Given time, this may increase even further, or other options may be implemented.
  • Critical hits are now turned into normal hits when blocked by B/P/D defenses. These normal hits are affected by STR's secondary bonus, and not INT's.
    • B/P/D lost a little bit of power with the changes to DEX. This makes B/P/D stronger, while also lowering the effectiveness of INT, which is currently slightly more powerful than STR in higher levels.
  • Pre-9.0 (non-scaling enemies) are now affected by guests. This means they gain damage and have their exp and gold modified by guests as well. They also now follow the same rules as post 9.0 enemies- they have random targetting against guests and the player now instead of only attacking the player, for example.
  • Fixed issues where equipping a pet on your turn would skip the pet's turn, or equipping a pet on a guest's turn would skip the guest's turn or lock the game.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from purchasing more than 15 Bank slots.

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