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Friday, April 17, 2020

Book 3: The End of Magic: Collapse

Hey there, heroes!

One more week has passed, and I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

Last time, in Book 3's main story, the massive Tytan that emerged from the Swordhaven rift began attacking the city, cleaving through it with beams of light, threatening to bring the war to an abrupt and shining end. As you gathered to discuss plans with Jaania, Queen Victoria, and Melissa, the castle itself came under attack, including the very tower you were in!

After fighting off the elementals and creatures takign advantage of the new breach, you convinced Jaanai to unleash her magic to protect the city and its people before it's too late- but before she could cast her spell, the tower was hit once again by the Tytan's onslaught.

This week, we pick up immediately after that cliffhanger. Something must be done- if the castle even still stands.

If you're caught up with Book 3's main story, head to Queen Victoria in Book 3 Swordhaven, and then to your faction's Greenguard Alliance camp to play this week's quest: Collapse!

Completing this week's quest will also very slightly increase the drop rate of Defender Medals from Greenguard Alliance waves.

Also this week, there is a new Dragon Coin promotion available until May 4th! Get 25% more Dragon Coins when you make a non-DoomKnight/non-Dragon Amulet Dragon Coin bundle purchase from now until May 4th.

This promotion has been retroactively applied for all applicable Dragon Coin purchases since the start (midnight server time) of Thursday, April 16th (In other words, all purchases yesterday and today have had this bonus applied!).

Next week, our Book 3 re-imagined project begins digging into the meat of Book 3! We are aiming to have the entire Book 3 Sandsea story adjusted. This includes Rose Fort through Sands of Eternity, as well as providing a story bridge for seeking out the Vind. (Also some general bug fixes if there is time!)

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