Friday, December 7, 2018

Azaveyran Challenges Complete!

Hey there, heroes!

The Azaveyran Challenges board at the Inn at the Edge of Time is now complete!

Head over to face two foes- "representatives" of the Magesterium and earn some awesome rewards!


First, face off against Magester Mislav- an ancient Magester (but definitely not the first). Beware his combination magics, and keep your wits about you!

Next, it's a race to destruction with Mana-Infused Roirr. Will you be able to destroy him before he overloads?

Defeating Magester Mislav will reward you with the Magi Guard helm, while defeating Roirr will reward you with the Magi Sentinel helm. Both have the same stats- just a different look!

If you can defeat both at once, as well as the Emperor of the Sea Chickens Extreme and Unraveler Extreme, you'll be able to earn your very own Magi Drone pet! This neat pet scales damage with your level, and also has a chance to reduce the amoutn foes heal by- amount reduced is increased with your CHA stat!

Good luck in the arena!



For the month of December, we also have available a new weapon set for Dragon Coins!

These awesome looking weapons swap between Fire and Ice element every hit, and have some extremely focused stats! These weapons will only be available this December, and we don't know if they will return or not, so get them while you can!



We've also done a lot of updates to the game in general.

  • The character info screen has been updated with new colors for ease of viewing.
  • A new "Simple Stat Info" option has been added.
    • This option replaces the base and modifier values of stats with their sum.
  • A new "Seasonal Borders" option has been added.
    • This option allows you to select whether or not you want to have seasonal borders on your UI.
  • Fixed a bug where un-equipped items still showed as equipped in your inventory until reloaded.
  • Fixed a bug where scythe damage type only took into account base stats and not stat modifiers.
  • Epoch has been added to the Armor Closet.
  • Other small fixes!



Thank you all for playing DragonFable! What kinds of challenges would you like to see next? Having trouble with these challenges and want to discuss them? Want to talk about all things DragonFable?

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