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Friday, September 1, 2023

Arena at the Edge of Time: Masters of Wind

Hey there, heroes!

The Displaced Fates 2 board has appeared at the Inn at the Edge of Time! This week, take on the first challenge of this board: The Masters of Wind!

Take on the leader of the Shadow of the Wind ninja clan, Thyton, and the enigmatic cricket Greg in this week's challenge!

Will you be swept away? Or will you stand firm in the face of their storm?

Defeat them to earn Thyton's Rune Blade and the Honda's Legacy EX trinket to power up your Ninja skills!

Head over to the Inn at the Edge of Time using the portal in the sky in Falconreach to take on this new challenge!

This week also sees some adjustments to some weapon specials and the Ninja class!

  • Damage resistance is now capped at 90% for players. Enemies can still gain up to 99% damage resistance.
  • The Blade of Destiny special has been changed.
    • All versions: On-Attack special has been changed to have a 20% chance for 3 hits of 100% damage.
    • Level 90 version: On-Hit special has been changed to a 10% chance of +5% damage resistance for 2 turns. If your hit does Light damage, the activation rate is doubled to 20%.
  • The Ice Scythe special has been changed.
    • The On-Hit special has been changed to a 15% chance to apply -10 Ice for 3 turns.
    • Note: Vanilla Ice Katana and Frozen Claymore On-Attack specials have not been changed.
  • Ninja has recieved a number of adjustments:
    • Catalytic Flow base damage reduced from 175% to 100%
    • Catalytic Flow's +Boost effect has been reduced from +25% to +20%
    • Shadow Seal/Seal Venom's base damage has been reduced from 140% to 120%.
    • All skills that scale with venoms will now additionally scale with Orochi Venom from Honda's Legacy and Honda's Legacy EX.
    • Shadow Seeker will now count Orochi Venom as a burst venom, however, the bonus from burst venoms is still capped at 3.
  • The Summon Honda trinket has been renamed "Honda's Legacy" and has been adjusted.
    • From 3 hits for 120% damage to 4 hits for 120% damage.
    • Poison resist has been reduced from 25 to 10.
    • DoT effect has been renamed "Orochi Venom", and effect has been changed to 25% base damage for 8 turns.
    • Now counts as a burst venom for Ninja skills.

Also this week, September's seasonal items have arrived!

The Sunken Veil cosmetic helm is now available! This spooky helm matches perfectly with this week's returning seasonal Sunken Plunderer! Other seasonal items have returned, as well!

The Wildheart Crest is the first in this month's set of ranger themed cosmetic items! Make sure to stay updated for the rest of the set coming later this month!

And that's all for this week!

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