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Friday, February 5, 2021

Arena at the Edge of Time: Teacher and Student

Hey there, heroes!

This week's release is live! And there's a lot to cover!

First up, a new challenge has arrived at the Change of Heart board in the Inn at teh Edge of Time!

If you think you have what it takes, face off against Warlic, the Blue Mage, and Nythera, the Half Void Dragon!

Defeating them will reward you with some fancy new weapons with special effects.

  • The Creatioux Claw has a 33% chance on attack to increase foe's Health resist by 20.
  • Warlic's Gift has a 5% chance on hit to recover 8% of your MP.

Click on the floating black portal above Falconreach to head over to the Inn at teh Edge of Time and test your might!

Next, DragonByte Epoch testing has now begun!

If you have the Draconic Glowtooth Artifact, you can now equip it along with Epoch to access DragonByte Epoch! This version of Epoch is all about burst.

  • DragonByte Epoch starts with two double turns.
  • "Final" is now "Hack", which gives you +4 double turns. Hack's cooldown is increased to 23, up from Final's 15.
  • "Timeshift" is now "Overdrive", which gives you 3 Momentum as well as +150 Boost for 2 turns, but -25 Boost for 4 turns after it wears off. Overdrive does not grant double turns.
  • "Chargeburst" does 150% base damage, up from 140%.
  • Dragonbyte Epoch can only gain 1 Momentum per action.

As always with preliminary testing, numbers and effects are subject to change! But please enjoy, and we're always listening to feedback.

Speaking of Epoch, some changes have been made to Corrupted Doom Epoch and Underworld Epoch.

Corrupted Doom Epoch was underperforming slightly, while Underworld Epoch was a bit too powerful.

  • Underworld Epoch
    • "Timeshift" is now a 50% HP and MP heal, down from 100%. It now also purges you of any non-self afflicted effects.
    • Whenever Underworld Epoch uses a double turn, a stacking debuff is applied. (not cleansed by Timeshift).
    • These debuffs stack, and are applied one at a time, in order.
    • First, All res is reduced by 3.
    • Next, Boost is reduced by 3.
    • Finally, Avoidance is reduced by 6.
    • These debuffs will repeat and stack to a maximum of -30 All, -30 Boost, and -60 Avd.
    • For example, if you do 3 double turns, you'll get -3 All, -3 Boost, and -6 Avd. Next double turn, you'll have -6 All, -3 Boost, and -6 Avd.

These changes are preliminary. For example, the stacking -All resist is something that we are particularly watching as being too impactful (may be reduced in the future to 2 or even 1 per double).

  • Corrupted Doom Epoch
    • Removed the self stun from Power Overload.
    • Defense, and Aim Overloads have had their durations increased by 1 turn.
    • Hex Overload durations have been increased by 1 turn.
    • Cooldown on Ultra Boost and Ultra Hex reduced to 15, down from 20.
    • "Soundblast" damage increased to 175% total.
    • "Shockwave" damage increased to 175% total.

As always, numbers and effects are subject to change. Let us know what you think!

And next, we have some general updates and bug fixes!

  • Stepwise exp has been adjusted.
    • From level 10 to level 20, there is no boost.
    • From level 20+, characters will receive 3x exp.
  • Many quests have had their experience caps increased to 50,000.
  • The "Fire" element sound has been reverted.
  • Fixed a bug where many monsters were not properly using their Bonus attribute. As a result, many monsters have gained a significant amount of Bonus.
  • Direct Hits and Critical Misses have been removed.
  • Maximum resistance from items + all resistance has been reduced to 95, down from 99.
    • Skills that increase ressitance above 95 will still cap at 99.
  • Ice Scythe: Duration reduced by 2, activation chance increased to 10%, up from 5%.
  • Blade of Destiny: Damage reduced to 3 hits of 75%. Now applies Weaken, -30 Light resistance for 5 turns. Activation chance increased to 20%.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting the quest "Under the Sea" from Yix in Popscprocket was not leading to the correct dialogue/quest.
  • Fixed a bug where the Dark Night Bombing quest was no longer available.
  • Fixed a bug where Book 1 Sunbreeze Grove would allow you to access Dragon Primal Training before growing your dragon.
  • (Other potential updates/fixes that I may have forgotten)

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything too important!

Finally (at last!) the February Dragon Coin special is here! Dracelix has crafted the stylish Hive Ranger Gear cosmetic set, and it's available for this month only!

Not only are these cosmetic items very pretty, but the Hive Ranger Halberd can be slotted as a special! The Hive Ranger Halberd has a 20% chance on attack to do 3 htis of 75% damage and apply Weaken, -30 Wind resistance to your foe, for 5 turns.

If you're interested, make sure to pick them up before they leave at the end of the month!



And that's all! That's everything (that I didn't forget)! As always, I want to personally thank you all for playing and supporting DragonFable. We wouldn't be able to do this without you.



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